Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Graduation Cookies

This is my very first cookie order!
Deja Vu? Kinda. Less than a week ago, with the help of my 2 daughters, we made Graduation Cap & Diploma Cookies pretty much just like these. I sent a few of the cookies home with one of my son's friends that is also graduating and his mom asked me to make some for them! I can't tell you how excited I was that someone wanted my cookies! Okay, I get email cookie orders pretty much weekly, but they are usually out of state and I decline. But now, who knows? Maybe this could be the start of something new in my life?
...Graduation Caps
I really enjoyed making these cookies and once again found relaxation with my piping bag in hand!
The cookie box dividers didn't quite fit the cookies so had to go without, but my first order is boxed and ready to go!

Tonight they finally walk! Tomorrow look for the final graduation sweet of 2012 that I made for my son!



  1. Those are perfect! CONGRATULATIONS to the 2012 Graduates! BRAVO!


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