Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation Cap & Diploma Cookies

Less than a week to go until my son's graduation ceremony! His last day of school was actually today!
With so many things going on I just haven't had time or motivation to bake. I had lemon sugar cookie dough in the freezer that I used to make these. My daughter and partner in baking, Katie, actually flooded all of these cookies for me! My 4 year old wanted to get her hands into the fun and actually helped pipe the top outline on some of the graduation caps and diplomas! I helped guide her tiny little hand a bit, but she did great and had lots of fun!
I planned on these being my last cookies for awhile, but actually had a request to make a batch of these for a senior graduation camping trip before we take off on our vacation! I am pretty excited that my cookies are wanted! So look for more cookies similar to these soon!
to my dear son Steve, you have made it to the finish line, just waiting for the ceremony now! It seems like just yesterday he was graduating preschool!
~Christina, Katie, & Jess
(we all had a hand in making these!)


  1. Congratulations to your son, and wonderful cookies!

  2. Great cookies...I love the design! :-)

  3. Great cookies! I wish you lived near me to make art pallet cookies for my little one's birthday party in a few months :)

  4. Those are GREAT cookies! Congratulaions to the class of 2012


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