Friday, July 8, 2011

Busch Gardens Cupcakes

At Busch Gardens, Williamsburg
from the M. Sweets Confectionary in Banbury Cross (across from the large clock)
As always when I am out and about, I am looking for cupcakes! There is one place that usually always has cupcake at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, it is the M. Sweets Confectionary in Banbury Cross. At the price of just $2.99 for a jumbo cupcake you get a lot of bang for your buck!
"Candy makers to the king and queen in everyone"
is the slogan describing this confectionary on the Busch Gardens Website.
I chose this one to make mine! Chocolate and Chocolate with Reese's Pieces on top!
Maybe it was the near hundred degree temperatures talking, but this cupcake tasted wonderful! The cupcake was moist, the chocolate rich, and who doesn't like Reese's Pieces? YUM!
If you aren't feeling up to a jumbo sized cupcakes, there are many other sweets to temp your taste buds from dipped pretzels to dipped cookies and strawberries!
Here are some cupcakes from 2010 at Busch Gardens. The ones on the left are from the M. Sweets Confectionary at Banbury Cross and the Cookie Monster on the right is from Das Festhaus in Germany.
They always have a Chocolate Cookie Monster and Vanilla Elmo at Das Festhaus, and while they are kinda cute they seemed rather dry when we had one. Cookie Monsters and Elmos are standard sized cupcakes and the same price as the jumbos at the confectionary.

While at Busch Gardens, I would recommend getting your cupcake fix at the M. Sweets Confectionary!

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  1. Yum! We love cupcakes at our house! The Elmo and Cookie Monster ones are too cute! My kids would love them. : )


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