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Pink Princess Cupcakes #1- Pink Lemonade

Strawberry Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Cupcakes
Recently my dear husband bought for me Pink Princess Cupcakes by Barbara Beery and Princess Cupcakes Kit with booklet by Laura Starr. I love every single recipe and idea in the book and the liner kit goes great with it!
Soooooo.....I have decided to work my way through the book making each of the recipes. There are a total of 28 recipes. I haven't decided yet if I will make one idea a week, maybe sometimes I will want to make 2! I am sure there will be a week that I skip too. If I do one a week that will be 28 weeks of cupcakes! I should have all the ideas in the book completed sometime near the end of January 2012. I had thought about making them in order, but a few involve ice cream and are over halfway through the book and I probably won't want ice cream in the winter, so some ideas will be out of order. I also figured the author of the book probably wouldn't appreciate me publishing every single wonderful recipe of hers, so the recipes won't be included...sorry! However, I will include pictures of some of the steps as I make each idea and pictures of the final product, so either you can buy the book for the full recipes or improvise!
Here we go! The first recipe/idea from the book I am making is.....

Pink Lemonade
This recipe makes 48 mini cupcakes. (For me it made 56 mini cupcakes-so you probably would want to cut this recipe in half) For these cupcakes, I will be my Babycakes Mini Cupcake Maker. I have had the mini cupcake maker almost a year and only used it a few times since I don't make mini cupcakes that often.
The first step in making these cupcakes is to thaw out 1 quart of ice cream for about 20 minutes and then mix in a packet of sweetened pink lemonade. I have a huge container of Country Time Pink Lemonade, so I used 4 scoops, that sounded good to me! After 20 minutes the ice cream was still pretty firm, but I was able to mix in the pink lemonade powder. (I worked with this half at a time.) Now that needs to refreeze for at least 2 hours.
For the cupcake recipe, you have the option of a vanilla cupcake or a strawberry cupcake. For either you mix in additional pink lemonade powder. I am going to go with the strawberry cupcake recipe made with fresh strawberries! The recipe used 6 whole eggs and self-rising flour. I haven't made a ton of different "from scratch" recipes, but this seemed like a lot of eggs. I have never made cupcakes with self-rising flour either, but all of the cupcakes in the book use self-rising flour. I did follow the instructions for everything except the 1-1/4 cups of butter, which I substituted with unsweetened applesauce. I also omitted the extracts, I figured there would be enough flavor with the pink lemonade powder, which I used 3 scoops for the cupcake batter.
I filled the liners and they took about 7-1/2 minutes in the cupcake maker to fully bake. I had to do this 7 times...I didn't think this out really well, so it took me a little over an hour to get all 56 baked. I only have one mini cupcake pan as well so either way it would have taken me a long time! The book recommends lightly spraying the wrappers with cooking spray...I didn't.
They came out bubbling hot! This was the first batch. The cupcake ended up being perfect size, a little extra room is needed to accommodate the ice cream, as it will want to slide off. With the second batch in the cupcake maker, I had to try one of these! It was super hard to get the wrapper off, so the next batch, I sprayed lightly with cooking spray. The 3rd batch, the liners wouldnt stay on, so I learned just to spray the bottom of the liner a tiny drop.
With all the cupcakes baked and the ice cream ready, let the fun begin!
I don't have a mini ice cream scoop yet (never needed mini sized), so the ice cream is in tablespoon sized blobs! The ice cream wanted to melt quickly, so put that on right as your are about to serve.
They turned out cute for a little princess tea party!
There are about 50 of these mini strawberry pink lemonade cupcakes still left to eat!
PS- These even taste better the second day and were a lot easier to peel after being stored overnight at room temperature in my Wilton cupcake carrier. 
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Frosty Ice Cream Sandwich
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  1. these are so darn cute, I say...CUTE! I bet they taste awesome too....

  2. How fun! The book looks great! And the cupcakes do too!
    Thanks so much for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!

  3. They do taste good, even better the second day oddly!

  4. This looks so good. I'm hosting a recipe only link party today called "Cast Party Wednesday". This recipe would be a perfect addition. I would love it if you came by and shared some of your recipes with us.
    I hope to see you there!

  5. That are so pretty and yummy. Perfect dessert for little girl's summer party. Thanks for the idea.

    Hope you can come and share it at Foodie Wednesday

  6. This looks soooo good. I would love it if you stopped by tomorrow for "Turning the Table Thursday" to share some of your recipes with us. (link opens at midnight EST on Weds)


    Around My Family Table

  7. So cute!
    I'm here via Sweet Tooth Friday. :)

  8. My sugar level just went sky rocket just looking at them! They look so yummy and not that hard to make! Thank you for the reciepe!;))

  9. These are so pretty! I love the idea of baking your way through the book. I know we're in for some great recipes. Thanks for sharing on A Well-Seasoned Life's Sweet Indulgences Sunday.


  10. Yum! This sounds so good. I never would have thought to mix lemonade with ice cream, but I am imagining its really refreshing. Would love for you to share this or any other ice cream related post at my ice cream social next weekend!

  11. Wow, these are really cute. And what a creatively yummy idea of mixing lemonade with ice cream.

    I'd love for you to link this and any other cupcake related post you have at the month long Cupcake Link Party!


  12. Love this recipe! Sounds so delicious and are so cute! Please share by linking your recipe up at Muffin and Cupcake Monday. Thanks!


  13. Wow! I can’t wait trying this recipe. Honestly, I have never eaten yet cupcake mixed with lemonade flavored ice-cream, I bet it’s really delicious.

  14. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for visiting Cast Party Wednesday and I hope you join me again tomorrow and share more of your great recipes!
    I hope to see you tomorrow!

  15. Thanks everyone for stopping by and for all the kind words and invites!
    The pink lemonade powder went extremely well with the ice cream! Almost reminded me of a orange push pop, but lemonade. I would have never thought it myself if it hadn't been in the book.
    I will be posting a new Princess idea from the book each week so be sure to stop back by :)

  16. Hi! Just stopping by to let you know that your recipe was in the top four on last week's Sweet Indulgences Sunday. Hope you'll stop by this week and share a recipe.


  17. Hi! I don't think I've seen these cupcake makers. How fun! I love the idea of pink lemonade cupcakes. Delicious!

  18. I know I already commented on how great these are, but just wanted to thank you for adding them to the Ice Cream Social! I'd love some of these right about now. They just scream Summer although my weather doesn't!

  19. Pink lemonade is a fav summer drink so these are perfect for me!! Looks amazing...


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