Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pina Colada Skull Lollipops

Pina Colada flavored Skull Lollipops
By now you can tell I am having a bit of a love affair with lollipops! You can't fit a whole lot of calories in one and they are easy to take on the go! This is my 3rd time making hard candy lollipops, each time a little different.
Since I haven't before I wanted to show you some of the supplies needed in making the lollipops
small pot (not pictured)
candy thermometer
lollipop sticks (not pictured)
White lollipop mold made for hard candy (still wet since I had just washed it)
plastic lollipop bags with ties (both found at my local cake store)
metal spoon (for both stirring molten hot sugar and for filling the cavities)
(this makes 12 lollipops plus extra for loaf pan)
flavoring (I used a full 1 dram bottle of LorAnn oils)
 1 cup of sugar
1/3 cup corn syrup
1/3 cup water
Prepare mold with cooking spray and stick. Mix sugar, corn syrup, and water in pan. Cook on high heat, without stirring, until 302 degrees on a candy thermometer. As soon as the temperature is reached, remove from heat and add candy flavoring and candy coloring, if desired. Using a metal spoon, spoon the molten hot candy into each of the lollipop cavities and pour the rest into a sprayed loaf pan. After about 30 minutes, unmold.
I was multi-tasking when making these, okay I was chatting on the phone, so some of the skulls migrated to the edge and didn't fully get covered when I filled the mold cavities. Usually, I spray the candy mold with cooking spray first, this time I forgot, luckily the lollipops still came out just by pressing on the bottom of the mold. I did add the skull sprinkles when I put the sticks in the mold. Molds need to be prepared BEFORE cooking the mixture. The molten candy begins hardening fast, so time to work is limited!
As usual, I broke up the extra from the loaf pan for snacking! Using the 1 dram container of flavoring may have been a little strong, but the Pina Colada flavor may not have been as obvious without the entire container, and I would do it that way again. I decided not to add candy coloring to these, so they are "natural" colored.

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  1. Mmm, those sound yummy & my boys would love the skulls.


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