Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Not the Ice Cream Man!

It's the Cupcake Van!

It is no surprise that I LOVE CUPCAKES! I recently saw a cupcake van on the news making a special cupcake called the "Baby Cake" with 25 cents from each one going to support the March of Dimes. The cupcake van is owned by 2 sisters and together they make up Twisted Sisters Cupcakes. They don't have a storefront, just a van called the "Diva"! They go to new destinations each week in the Hampton Roads area and to find out where they are going to be you need to check the schedule on there website, follow them on Facebook, or Twitter. After seeing them on the news, I immediately began following them on Facebook and was super excited to see just a week or so after following them, they were coming to a parking lot near me! Everyone seemed so happy to see this van that says:
"Move over Ice Cream Man- We have BIG GIRL treats!"
We were greeted at the window by a happy and sweet girl...sorry didn't get her name!
We barely made it to the van before they were leaving, so pickins' were slim, but I was able to get 2 out of 3 of the choices that I wanted and the alternate! They were sold out of the special "Baby Cake" that supports the March of Dimes. They also give you a punch card...great incentive for coming back!
The cupcakes that I chose (from left to right in photo BELOW) were: "Grammie's Coconut Cream Pie", "Harry Potter Butterbeer", and "The Keys".
We split each of these cupcakes 3 ways so that we each could enjoy each of them!
First up, "Grammie's Coconut Cream Pie"- all I can say is YUM!!! We all really enjoyed this cupcake, topped with a Vanilla Cream Swiss frosting and it was filled with a creamy coconut filling, just perfect,  great texture and a graham cracker crust in the bottom. This cupcake tasted of coconut in everybite and is what a Coconut Cupcake should taste like! PERFECTION!

Second, we tried "The Keys" cupcake (pictured last). The cream cheese frosting was pretty good. The Cream Cheese cupcake, did lack a little in the flavor department, and the lime curd inside, well we all would have preferred a little more filling, there was just a small squirt of it. However, again we loved having the Graham cracker crust in the bottom! Over all this cupcake was pretty good!

Last, the cupcake that we were all most excited about "Harry Potter Butterbeer"! I had a mug of the Harry Potter Butterbeer at Universal last year and let me tell you this cupcake, didn't taste like the drink! The Cream Soda Cupcake had a good texture, but lacked a bit in the flavor department. This was also supposed to be filled with Home Made Butterscotch, and there was just a little drop inside, so that was a little disappointing. The Butterscotch Swiss frosting, well we weren't really fans of that either. I could feel the fat in my mouth. Their Coconut Cupcake had a Vanilla Cream Swiss frosting that I absolutely loved, so not sure why the Butterscotch Swiss frosting was so different in texture and didn't have that nice flavor.
So while it may sound like I wasn't that thrilled, let me tell you I really was! I love the concept of the Cupcake Van, I think they call this the "Diva", from what I have read. They really do a great job on there cupcakes, and I am very picky with my cupcakes being a baker myself, dissecting every little bite! I am sure most people just eat there cupcakes normally!  Overall, I have recommended Twisted Sisters Cupcakes to my friends, with my honest opinion, and I do plan on stopping by the van when they are in my area again and trying 3 entirely different cupcakes...okay I may have to get the "Grammie's Coconut Cream Pie" again...and my daughter made me promise I would get that one for her again next time too! She never like coconut before this cupcake!

Each week they offer 6 different cupcakes, so you can't get bored with that line up! This week they are cooking up a special Easter decorated cupcake for this week...too bad when they are in the area, I won't be. You can also let them know what you want ahead of time by giving them a shout on Facebook or calling them and they will reserve it for you, and they take preorders on there website. Again this week, they will have that "Baby Cake" cupcake to support the March of Dimes, it is a Chocolate Cupcake with a Black Currant Swiss frosting drizzled with gnache! YUM! Also, if they reach 1,000 Facebook Fans by May 1st they will donate an additional 10 cents per new fan so go to the Twisted Sister Cupcakes Facebook Page and "Like" them!

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