Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Not the Ice Cream Man!

It's the Cupcake Van!
Part 2
"20 Ways to Eat a Cupcake"
Once again I was lured like a kid by candy to hunt down this cupcake van!
Remember they gave me a punch card, so that was like an open invitation! HAHAHA! There was also another little incentive this week, they asked people to post crazy pictures on Twisted Sisters Cupcakes Facebook Page of "20 Ways to Eat a Cupcake." My daughter was a recipient of one of these 20 cupcakes they were giving away, being the cutie that she is!
I checked there schedule on their Twisted Sisters Cupcakes Facebook Page and found a time and location that was convenient to me and we were off! I subscriped via SMS to there Facebook page for the day as well so make sure I would be aware of any changes once I was on the road. We beat the cupcake van to it's destination, which was interesting to watch. The parking lot was full of cars and as the Diva (cupcake van) arrived, people popped out from everywhere and lined up to get one of these cupcakes! Happy people arriving in cars, happy people walking, happy people from the bank where it was parked, happy people everywhere! Maybe that is all the world needs is more mobile cupcake vans!
We walked up to the cupcake van and were greeted with a smile! My daughter excitedly handed over her printout for her free cupcake and chose the "Pinkalicious!" Cassandra, one of the Twisted Sisters, even remembered her from the Twisted Sisters Cupcakes Facebook Page!
Today we picked out 4 different flavors to bring home! I put them in the car, a/c on high and headed home, they still melted a little bit as you can see in the picture. I guess with summer coming in the future I should bring a small ice chest!
The "Pinkalicious" is a Vanilla Cupcake with Crushed Strawberry Swiss Frosting to celebrate the Royal Wedding! There was a little pink crown on top, fondant maybe, I don't exactly know what it was made of but it tasted familiar and yummy! My daughter wants this cupcake next time too, so I hope they find a way to work a Princess Crown into some future cupcakes!
"Baby Cake" is Chocolate Cupcake with Black Currant Swiss Frosting drizzled with Ganache and topped with a home made Black Raspberry Sugar Candy. I had wanted this cupcake on my last visit since this cupcake goes to support the March of Dimes...and made the news, but last time they were sold out. This time, I got one! Chocolate...what can I say? It tasted great! I loved the Black Currant flavor too!
Strawberry Lemonade Smash is a Lemon Cupcake with Crushed Strawberry Swiss Frosting and this cupcake screams "SUMMER!" I really liked the cake flavor! Would have been nice with a glass of lemonade too!
Chocolate I need to explain this? There is no such thing as Chocolate Overload! I would rename this "Chocolate YUM!" This has been the only cupcake that I have gotten so far from Twisted Sisters Cupcakes with a Chocolate American Buttercream and I LOVE IT! The cake tasted a little like brownie chocolate, different from the Baby Cake. I love that extra chocolate added and the Chocolate American Buttercream...just hand me the bowl! YUM! There was even a little yellow candy flower on top of this cupcake! I love those extra little touches of cute!
From left to right...Pinkalicious- Baby Cake- Chocolate Overload- Strawberry Lemonade Smash
This visit to Twisted Sisters Cupcakes was fabulous! No lack of flavor this time in any of the cupcakes! Like I said, I am super picky about my cupcakes and not everyone likes everything! I am getting used to the Swiss Frosting too, last time it was a first for me and I wasn't that sure how I liked it, but this time I liked all 3 of the cupcakes with the Swiss Frosting!
So how do I eat a cupcake?
First, I photograph these little piece of artwork, so they aren't just a memory to my taste buds. I love cupcakes and each one is special to me! Next, I cut them into enough pieces for everyone so that we each may sample and enjoy all of the cupcakes! Finally, we all enjoy the cupcakes together!
If I bake so many cupcakes...why am I chasing down a cupcake van?
While I love baking cupcakes, and decorating them, sometimes the sweetest cupcakes are the ones that don't dirty up my kitchen! Cupcakes are like people, each looks different with a different personality, and while I am not a cannibal, I do like trying cupcakes other than mine from time to time!
For more information and upcoming locations visit them at Twisted Sister Cupcakes on Facebook and Twisted Sister Cupcakes Website

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