Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tatooed Animal Print Stacked Cake

It's that time again...time to celebrate a half-birthday!
No party, no presents, just a special dessert!

I first thought about cupcakes, an animal print liner, maybe a rose on top, quick and easy, that was the plan. I went to Michaels to look for inspiration and found Duff™ Animal Skins Cake Tattoo Kit(Visit  to check out all kinds of "Uniquely Duff" products and watch the fun & short info Duff clips!) I have looked at the Duff™ Animal Skins Cake Tattoo edible decorating papers a few times before, just never had a reason and thought it looked too challenging.

Before taking the Wilton Course 1: Decorating Basics Class, I had only made and decorated 7 cakes. During the 4 weeks of the class I added 2 to that number and my confidence is up a little. I am now ready to tackle my first "stacked cake" for cake #10!
To start I need to bake and frost 2 cakes- one 6" 2-layer cake and one 8" 2-layer cake. I am baking these using the Wilton Recipe Pound Cake from Cake Mix. It's a box mix recipe with a couple extras. I used this method in my Wilton Course 1 Final Class Cake and I was really pleased with how well it held up and looked overall after decorating. This recipe also stayed moist and tasted fresh after being refrigerated for 4 days before being cut.

According to Duff's "Graffiti & Killer Cake Bling" Video if you don't have time to be messing with fondant and stuff, you can slap one of these tatoos on the cake in about 3 minutes! Hmmm...We'll see about that...

This is what is inside the kit.

I started by baking the cakes...easy enough. After the cakes cooled I iced the 2-8" cakes and then the 2-6" cakes with Wilton Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing. I love this icing, perfect consistency and really not bad priced (when using a coupon) compared to making it myself and a lot less mess. This icing is also a lot easier than homemade buttercream to smooth out.

I quickly read up on stacked cake construction and saw how most use down rods to keep the top cake in place. I used bamboo skewers. The hardest part about this cake with stacking it all together. I didn't have a 6" cake board, so had to stack cake against cake, which is going to have to come apart to store the leftovers in my cake holder. Getting the cake centered was a bit challenging since my working surface is a bit to high to look down . Once I got the cakes stacked, I quickly re-smoothed the icing where I had touched it. I should have taken that Wilton Tiered Construction Class before attempting this cake. I do plan on taking the class in the future!

Okay, so how long did it take to put the tatoos on the cake? Not long at all, only about 3 minutes just as Duff said! To finish off the cake, I colored some of the leftover icing pink to pipe around the cake. I still have a half bucket left, so this icing is a good bang for your buck! I used a Wilton size 12 tip to do the solid line around the cake and the little balls. I was trying to get this cake to look as close to the pictured cake as possible.

Over all I love the Duff Goldman Cake Tatoo Kit!
It is a quick and easy way to decorate a cake! I just need a little help on the stacked construction part!


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