Monday, April 25, 2011

Wilton Course 1: Decorating Basics- Lesson 4


Today is my final Lesson in Wilton Course 1....It's Graduation Day!
Prep work for my final cake was rather difficult being it was Easter Weekend and I was busy preparing for that as well. I chose to do the 3 color Rose cake. For the final cake, we had to have our 8" 2-layer cake frosted with a border and ready to go. We are also suppose to have our icing colored and in a bag with the proper tip for our ribbon rose...Wilton tips 12 for the base and 104 for the petals. We will spend 1 hour and 50 minutes learning to make these, if it is anything like the drop flower I will need a good 50 hours! Speaking of drop flowers, we had to pre-make any additional flowers needed for our cake. I needed 12 each Pink, Yellow, and Orange drop flowers, and I discovered while trying to make them, I don't like making drop flowers! I just can't get them to look right! After making what felt like a hundred, I managed to make some that I can live with...I don't love them, but I can live with them.
Many thoughts are racing through my head: Did I make enough of each color? Yes. If I didn't will I be able to get the leftover white to match? Didn't need to. Will the drop flowers that I made come off the waxed paper without breaking? They did come off the waxed paper, but I had to stick them back in the freezer each time after placing 5 or 6 to harden them back up, the temperature is hitting 90 today, so not necessarily decorating weather! Will my cake arrive to and from class without melting? Yes.
Class tonight was amazing! Everyone caught on to the ribbon rose pretty quickly. Of course we would, our teacher was amazing! Everyone had a different looking cake and everyone's cakes looked great! One girl from class will be continuing on to Course 2 with me, so that is exciting too! I am very pleased with my cake as well as everything that I learned in Course 1! That all comes from having a great teacher!
At the end of class we had our little graduation ceremony and the teacher called up each of us individually for our certificates. I hope to cross paths again one day with some of my other classmates that aren't taking the next class with me and wish each of them good luck in continuing their adventures.
I am totally excited that on May 10th I start:

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