Monday, April 11, 2011

Wilton Course 1: Decorating Basics- Lesson 2

This week is my second lesson in the Wilton Decorating Basic Class! We will be transferring a pattern using piping gel and using "dimensional decorating". The entire class will be making the same cake with our own choice of colors. We will be doing the Cupcake Cake.

My Cake from lesson 2
-Day 1-
For class we need to bring a cake iced with Wilton Class Buttercream Icing and then bring an additional recipe of icing to decorate the cake with in class. I have done all the prep work a day early, down to the coloring of the additional icing for tomorrows decorating. The weather was warm today and it has taken awhile for the icing to become "dry to the touch". I am glad that I have allowed myself plenty of time starting day before the class to prepare the cake. Today I completed both the crumb coat and the top coat, about 6 hours apart.  I keep remembering the teacher said we have 3 DAYS to decorate a cake!
-Day 2-
So tonight is the class....the weather is even warmer hotter and my cake isn't holding up as well as I had hoped. I love hot weather...but it isn't agreeing with my cake. I am about to go nuts trying to smooth the icing since it once crusted but no longer is due to the humidity, I guess. I have a fan blowing on it on high trying to keep the buttercream from melting off. I don't want to refrigerate it since in just a few hours I will have to bring it outside in even hotter temperatures. At this point, I am really rethinking about signing up for another class during spring/summer. I want to but if everything is going to melt...I don't know! I may wait until that dreadful cold weather is back. Cupcakes are soooooo much easier!
Naked Cake to be decorated tonight
-Night 2-
Turns out everyone had a problem with there icing melting today, glad it wasn't just me!
Class went very well and everyones cakes looked great and I went ahead and signed up for the 2nd Course- Flowers and Cake Design!
Side view of cake
Next week- Cupcakes! Now that is one lesson that I won't stress over!


  1. I took the same wilton class and I did the same finale cake!!! That class is soooo fun. Wait until you get to the flower & design course. Your cake looks so pretty!!!

  2. Thanks! I start the next course next month...can't wait!


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