Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback to Easter 2010!

It's Flashback Friday!
This is a weekly segment that I post to show you some of my past adventures...

Easter 2010, I made my 2nd set of decorated cupcakes....ever! It had been about 6 months before that I made my first successful cupcakes for my oldest daughters Halloween Birthday party. Now I say that those Halloween Birthday cupcakes started it all, but it didn't really get kickin' until Easter 2010!
I found a Wilton Easter pick and liner set at Target and somewhere around this time made my first visit to the Wilton Website maybe learned about it from the packaging or something, I can't remember! Anyway I had found a design on there that I liked, BUT couldn't find the stuff for, so really all I ended up taking from it was the directions to make the basket handle from Wilton Candy Melts. With very little experience in baking or decorating ever, I did find it a challenge to make the handles. Luckily, I did this a few days ahead of time so when I initally took them off the wax paper and they fell apart...I still had time to do these over. The second time making the handles I tried to make them a little sturdier and just made a straight line across the back instead of trying to repeat the beaded pattern.
The wait to make the actual cupcakes was just too my daughter, 12 at the time, bake whole wheat sugar cookies and decorated them with a royal icing recipe we found somewhere. It was our first time using royal icing and didn't work out the best, but they tasted really good!
When the actual Easter Day approached, the handles were ready and stayed together and all I had to do was bake the cupcake, put on the icing, and assemble. This was also my first time using tips or a piping bag and my first time making my own icing! It actually wasn't that hard!
Before long they were all iced and ready for assembly.
And then they were ready!
I had become a follower of "All things Cupcake" on Facebook and they posted for everyone to share there Easter I did...they put my cupcakes on there website! So that was pretty exciting for me!
I have already planned my design for this Easter too...can't wait!

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  1. Super cute! Love how you made the basket handles.
    Thanks for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!


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