Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wilton Course 2: Flowers and Cake Design- Lesson 1

After completing Wilton Course 1-Decorating Basics, and a couple weeks off, it is time to start Wilton Course 2- Flowers and Cake Design!
I am really excited to start this class and move beyond the basics! We are going to learn about Gum Paste and Fondant, Royal Icing, and how to make some cool flowers! We are also going to learn how to make the famous Wilton Rose!
For the first class we need to bring our Student Kit. There is a "Flowers and Cake Design" kit for just this class or you can get the Ultimate Kit, which I purchased that has the supplies for all 3 courses. We also need to bring gum paste, fondant, shortening, confectioners sugar, corn starch, and a small container with water and a tight lid for gum paste adhesive. Only in Lesson 4 will we need to bring a cake. This class is all about making the flowers!

In class we started by making gumpaste glue. Gumpaste glue is made from 1 tablespoon water and 1/4 teaspoon of gumpaste broken up into tiny pieces. It takes about an hour to totally dissolve. This gumpaste glue is used to put the flowers together. We also prepared our dusting pouch with 1 tablespoon each of cornstarch and confectioners sugar. The dusting pouch is used to dust the button flower press and sponge used for the pansy.
We then moved on to kneading our fondant and gumpaste. The pink on the flowers is fondant, the white is gumpaste. We rolled out the pink fondant to 1/8 inch, (lavender rings on the fondant roller) and put it into lightly dusted button flower press to the flower press to make the button flowers. Then we did the same with the gumpaste. We could either color the gumpaste, leave it white, or marble it. We then assembled the flowers on the little white cups.
Button Flowers and Pansy
The Pansy was made mostly with gumpaste. I mixed in a little pink fondant to color half of the gumpaste light pink. We put these together half and half and rolled it out paper thin and then cut it with our flower fondant cutter. Then we place the full flower on the pink sponge and used the round ended fondant tool to press around the edges of the flower thinning it out. We then did the same thing with just 2 flower petals. After that we pressed each of the petals on sponge with the rounded tool forming a bit of a cup. The gumpaste was thin and had already almost dried and wanted to try and crack during this step. We finally rolled our a little tear drop and then glued it all together with our gumpaste glue.
At the end of class, our teacher demonstrated making royal icing which we will need to bring a double recipe of to our next class.
I really enjoyed learning to work with fondant and gumpaste! There are so many possibilities!
Next week, we learn to make Primrose, Violets, and Apple Blossoms!

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