Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie Quote Cookies

Hi there! This week is spring break and we are busy having fun, so it is the perfect time to share with you my little adventure to Happy Hour Projects last week! Happy Hour Projects is one of my favorite about everything blogs, Adrianne does so many wonderful projects over there, stop by and visit her if you haven't before! Together we host fun holiday craft and recipe link parties together, be on the look out for another one when holidays approach! This month is a big month for Adrianne with her Script Frenzy challenge and since cookies are currently my favorite sweet to make, I decided to make cookies from 3 of Adrianne's all-time favorite movies, keeping with the script theme.
The quotes on the cookies above are from one of the movies. Keep reading to find out which one! These are made using a basic sugar cookie recipe and royal icing.
There are many different cut-out sugar cookie recipes out there. You can view my favorite cut-out cookie recipes on the Mrs. Fox's Sweets FAQ page. I like changing up the basic sugar cookie recipe using different flavorings. Once you have decided on a recipe, cut out, baked, and cooled your cookies you are ready to decorate. For the set of cookies that I am using for the quick tutorial below, I am using a glaze type icing, also found on my FAQ page.
To decorate the cookies you will need a few disposable piping bags, size 1 and size 2 tips, couplers, and I also like to have the covers to keep the icing from leaking on the table and to keep it from drying out.
Once the icing is in the bag, it needs to be closed off so that it doesn't leak out the other end. This can be done with a clip or rubber band.
Outline cookie with size 2 tip and let dry for about a half hour. This outline will prevent the inside icing from running off the sides when flooding in the next step. This glaze type icing is a little more difficult to to work with than royal icing and tends to spread out more, but it is also softer and taste better to me than royal icing.
Still using tip 2, fill in cookie being careful not to overflow the outline. These will need to dry for 8 to 12 hours before decorating with edible ink pens. Without using white coloring, the glaze icing is also a little translucent, but I thought it kinda worked here looking like parchment once it dried.
Once the cookies had dried, I used edible markers to write the quotes from...can you guess the movie?
Keep reading to find out what movie these are from!
These final cookies were made using royal icing. Since I outlined in black, I let the outline dry overnight to make sure that it wouldn't bleed. The next day I flooded the cookie with white, and later than evening piped the quotes on using tip 1. Can you name this movie?
These movies were all movies that Adrianne and I both grew up watching. I had a fun time with my daughter watching them all again before creating these cookies!
Movies from top to bottom: A Knight's Tale, The Princess Bride, and Labyrinth
Did you remember any of them?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these. I'm going to think about David Bowie in spandex all day now. ;)

  2. Love this idea for Oscar Night, for sure; but I'm sure the whole technique will be wonderful for a countless number of other occasions! Thanks for sharing how!.. Meanwhile, I knew right away what the first movie was, and "A Knight's Tale" is one of my favorites as well!!.. But I'm afraid I wasn't familiar with the other two! I think I would have to make a set of quotes from Gone With The Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Cleopatra (with Elizabeth Taylor.. "There is only one way.. MY WAY." ha! ha!), Wizard of Oz, and then last but not least, Harry Potter!.. Oh yes, how much fun could I have with these! ~tina

  3. These are so fun! I knew the first two movies. :)

  4. Love it! I got The Princess Bride and A Knight's Tale. So should have got Labyrinth, love that movie (I mean it's got David Bowie in it!) you did an awesome job!

  5. Love Princess Bride! My hubby actually likes all of those movies. Sweet cookies!

  6. i absolutely LOVE this!!! you are so creative! thanks for sharing <3


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