Monday, March 14, 2011

Irish Coffee Brownie Cupcakes

Cupcake Project: Irish Coffee Brownie Cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day...: "Irish coffee cupcakes are coffee-flavored cupcakes spiked with whiskey and topped with chocolate whiskey cream cheese frosting.  Irish..."
They sound great right? Well I am up for the challenge!
Yes! I made them!
My first "adult" cupcake ever!

I first saw this recipe on Paula Deen's Facebook! Cute and with whiskey...that peaked my interest, so I went to Paula Deen's Page to get the recipe. There I found out a genius named Stefani from The Cupcake Project actually created the recipe.
You can get the FULL RECIPE HERE, I would copy the recipe here, but not sure of the legalities and stuff so just follow the link and make these things!
I already had pretty much off the the ingredients on hand other than the cream cheese.

You start by making the brownie center. 
Once mixed that just fits in a small bowl!

Next came the fun part to me. I love coffee, so bring the milk to a boil with 1 cup of coffee beans...the aroma was wonderful! I used a dark roast coffee bean.
This did just turn out to be 3/4 of a cup, which is all you need, so no extra for sampling. Anyway this had to sit for 15 minutes afterwards. While that was sitting, I started mixing together the dry ingredients for the cupcakes.  
That was the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt. Sugar, butter, and eggs were mixed in another bowl waiting for the star of the show as well. Then time to mix the whiskey and the milk (which had been strained and beans removed)
Now this recipe was really getting fun, despite being on like the 5th bowl! I am not really an experienced baker and like as little mess as possible, but I was trying to clean things up along the way so it wasn't soooooo bad. 
Finally the batter was mixed, taking turns with the dry and wet ingredients. At this point the whiskey aroma was pretty strong.

After everything was mixed and ready, you were supposed to fill each cupcake liner 3/4 full with a heaping tablespoon of the brownie mix in the center. The recipe said it would make 16. This is where I don't know what happened. I started filling the liners and had a lot of batter left, ended up filling 19, but that isn't all. If I put 1 Tablespoon of brownie mix in each cupcake they would have flowed over immediately, so one heaping teaspoon was what I used (yes I know they are more like blobs....I wasn't very neat at this part) Anyway there was just enough brownie mix to make 19 and they were super FULL. So again, I don't know where I went wrong, but things seemed to be heading that way.

I nervously watched them in the oven as they began going over the edge of the liners. Maybe I should have made 24? Where did I go wrong? Was I creating a disaster?

They did need to bake the full 25 minutes to be done. They didn't look too bad after the baking. I did have to let them cool in the pan until I could handle the pan. Usually I pop my cupcakes out immediately and put on a rack, but I was going to need to use a butter knife to loosen a few of these. They did come out of the pan easier than I thought though.
After they were cooled, I mixed the Chocolate Cream Cheese Whiskey spiked frosting. I thought I had a picture of that, but guess that I didn't. Anyway, I started using Wilton Tip 106 as Stefani did when creating these cupcakes. However, I have never used this tip and they weren't looking like hers did, so I ended up switching to a bigger tip that was easier for me, Wilton Tip 32. I think I have gotten in a comfort zone with all my cupcakes and I am stuck in that zone. Anyway here is what they looked like.

So they don't quite look like the original cupcakes from Cupcake Project, but I think they look pretty neat still!
Now lets check on the inside....

Yay! There is a brownie center!! Well not exactly center, but considering what they looked like when they went into the oven...they look pretty darn good...Like I said I am not really an experienced baker and am just a wife and mom that loves to bake!
So question of the day...How did they taste? Well, the whiskey was not overpowering, but you could taste it in the cupcake, not as much in the frosting. These cupcakes actually tasted really good! The cupcakes were not hard to make, and the ingredients were stuff I already had on hand, they just took a lot of bowls, And in the end...Would I make them again?

I am storing them in the refrigerator since there is cream cheese and they are maybe even better cold! In fact, I just had one of these for breakfast with my coffee...YUM!

By the way...I am super excited. Over the weekend I enrolled in Wilton Course One: Decorating Basics Class! I have been wanting to do this for awhile and the time is finally right! I start next month! I can't wait! I have had a couple friends take the class that loved it! Any class takers have any suggestions? Maybe now I will learn how to use that Tip


  1. Hi found your blog via the cupcake project. I'm thinking about making these and was wondering about the brownie center. Is it fudgy and distictable as a brownie center or does it just taste like a chocolatey cake center? Thanks in advance and keep blogging I like your writting style.

  2. Hi Claudia! Thanks for stopping by!
    You could tell there was a difference between the texture of the cake and the brownie, but not a huge difference. I am not sure what exactly would give more of a brownie texture. I may try an additional spoonful of cocoa powder next time to thicken it up a little more and try to get my blobs more circular. I am always up for adding more cocoa powder, or maybe a few chocolate chips in the brownie that would be good!

  3. I think these look and sound really great!

  4. They are very yummy! On day 3 now...I think they are actually getting better with age :)

  5. hi, just recently made this cupcakes. the coffee and whiskey flavors are so subtle, almost gone.. maybe additional amounts would be good.. however, upon having a bite, the wonder of two colors is truly nice.

  6. This one should be in the linky!! I went to comment and spotted it in your "You may also like" links. What a great idea!

    I feel like I should say something else cute and witty but I'm just not properly caffeinated yet. :) Happy Thursday!


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