Thursday, March 24, 2011

Owl Cake Pops

Today I am making Owl Cake Pops inspired by Bakerella! These are on the cover of her book and super cute! I have been wanting to make these for some time and today is the day. I have been without cupcakes or dessert for 2 days and that is max for me! I can't wait any longer!

Anyway, my daughter has a Field Hockey game this afternoon and I don't have a whole lot of time, so I don't want to use a full cake, and I really don't want to have to figure out what to do with the rest of the cake that I don't use, so I got a "Snack Size" box of Duncan Hines Devils Food Cupcake Mix. It just makes 12 cupcakes, so I am figuring about 24 cake pops. Since I am trying to do these with minimal time, I just used the hand mixer, so I could throw that bowl in the dishwasher. As usual, I used applesauce instead of oil. I am baking the cake in an 8" round pan sprayed with Wilton Bake Easy Non-Stick Spray. This can has lasted a very long time, I should probably add that to the shopping list so I don't run out right in time for my Wilton Course 1: Decorating Basics class starting on April 4th! I am so excited, can hardly wait! Anyway the cake is in the oven right I am just sitting here waiting!
The ingredients needed for this project are:
A cooked and cooled cake
a tablespoon frosting
chocolate chips (for the ears)
Wings(I am using the brown Reese's Pieces)
Eyes (I am using the candy from the Wilton Easter Candy Necklace Kit)
Beak (I am using Wilton Brownie-Crunch Rainbow Chips)
Flower shaped Sprinkles for feet
I had originally wanted to do these in blue and pink too, but with the time restraint, I am just sticking to brown. I am going to save the other color necklace candies for another time and maybe the Easter Bunny will make a few for my youngest daughters basket! The kit makes 8 necklaces. When taking the picture, I realized there are no white beads, so I guess I will use the yellow and save the blue and pink for later owls.
I just went to check on the cake, not done yet, glad I am not making an actual cake out of it, it has a huge crack across the top and isn't even done yet. That is the nice thing about cake pops, it doens't matter what the actual cake looked like!'s done! Time to cool...
Now it should be about time to make the balls for the cake pops!
I dumped the cake in a large bowl and chopped it up! Easy so far!
Then I plopped some chocolate frosting in, a heaping tablespoon....this is where I made a mistake. It is the same amount of frosting I usually use, but not thinking it wasn't the same about of cake! Everyone knows you can't make cake pops if the cake is too wet, it won't form a good ball or stay on the we have to fix that problem. I grabbed the cocoa powder and dumped a couple tablespoons in, okay I didn't measure but that was probably about  it, enough to dry out the cake some and get it to a consistency I could work with!
Bakerella's Cake Pop book says to make them triangular. Well look that is about the shape I can make with my hand, so I used that as my guide. For a half box I should be able to make 24 and I made that's pretty close!
Even my 3 year old got into the rolling of the cake balls. She loves to help and is really getting good at really helping! All of the Cake triangular kind of shape fit on one wax paper covered cookie sheet and off to the refrigerator for about 15 minutes while I get a few other things done! Yes, I do have other things to do than make cake pops all day! While these are chilling I put the entire 14 ounce bag of candy melts into my Wilton Chocolate Pro.
So now it's time to insert the stick. I just dip the stick into the melted chocolate and then into the cake and back into the refrigerator for a few.
Above- the first pic is when I attached the chocolate chip ears, just dipped them into the melting chocolate and stuck them on the cake pop. In the freezer I have 4 earless owls and 4 with ears. These just stay in there while I quickly work, not long enough to freeze or they will crack. The last picture is one that is freshly dipped.
After I dip, I tap on the size of the pot and slowly spin around the pop to knock off extra chocolate. After some time, all 22 are dipped...only one cracked, which I redipped and it is fine now, you would never know which one it was. At this point they are all looking more like Bear faces to me than owls.
Time to decorate, this is the easy part. First I get all my supplies for each owl ready so I am not digging around trying to find the right color. I also learned there are not many brown Reese's Pieces in a bag, so there will be all colored wings AND the little Wilton Candy Necklace set, is already divided up into 8 little bags and there is enough in one bag to do all 22 owls, no point in opening another bag, so they will have different color eyes too. I layed out 4 or 5 owls at a time with the supplies needed to decorate each. This part went really fast, only about a minute each to decorate!
I used the opposite end of a paint brush to dip into the melted chocolate and then to use as glue to attach each piece. As each set dried, pretty well instantly I placed them in my holder.
 I am still using the upsidedown chip box with holes poked in it. I put a papertowel down on it first and there is a towel underneath to keep them from sliding around. Usually I crop the picture so that you can't see the box, but I wanted to show you that you really don't need to get anything fancy or invest in tons of styrofoam. Use what you have. One day I will get a holder...I just haven't seen anything I really like.
This is how I usually photograph them.
Or I put them in a cup to photograph them.
My 3 year old got the first Owl Cake Pop and quickly took a bite...and then handed it over to let me take a picture of just the pop... She is used to the drill! When I asked my husband what animal he thought is was...he chose right, the first time "owl"! So, I guess I didn't do so bad!

Anyways.....I don't know if you get as excited about cupcake stuff as I do, but here are some new finds I found while out shopping this week that I got for future projects!

The Betty Crocker mix is Spring Chip, more pastel, similar to Pillsbury's Funfetti but not as bright. You can't see the specks from this picture. Anyway, they had the frosting too, but the chips were already mixed in the frosting and I didn't really like that for what I am thinking of using it for, so I got the Pillsbury Funfetti Spring Frosting that has there cute little sprinkles seperate.
The Nordicware Cupcake Papers, nice for anytime cupcakes, Orange with polka-dots, Green with stripes, and dark Pink/Reddish with flowers, its a pack of 75 so each color can have it's own batch of cupcakes in the future!
The I couldn't resist the Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish....YUM! They are already gone!


  1. they are so cute!! great job :)

  2. haha they are soo funny. I would like to eat one

  3. will be doing them tomorrow for a baby shower. thank you so much for sharing your ideas and so nervous i hope they come out cute as yours. im using m&m's for wings and nerds for the beak. These little suckers can get expensive.

  4. Love, love, love!! Thanks so much for going though step-by-step with the great pics. I'll be making these for my daughters 1st birthday with a "look who's turning 1" theme. Very excited!! You make it look so easy. Hopefully mine can turn out as well as your did. Thank you!!

  5. It looks even better than the "original" one!!! I'll be making them for my daughter's first birthday party. Do you think I could make them ahead of time and freeze them? Would they freeze well? Thanks! :)

  6. I'm going to try these little guys this week. Yummy!


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