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Past Adventures in Oreo!

It's Flashback Friday!
Okay, I haven't even reached my one week anniversary blogging yet and have already shared with you some of the sweets that I have already made in 2011...pre-blog...and then the cupcakes that started my new adventures in baking from November 2009. Well, I thought it would be fun to show you one of my older adventures or disasters, every Friday until we are all caught up to current times!
Now onto this weeks...
Past Adventures in Oreo!
So year after year I have found some sort of Oreo dessert for my sons birthday, he never has really wanted an actual birthday cake and this may have been because of his first and second birthday cakes which were total disasters and because of that I didnt even attempt to bake again until he was almost 15.  In the past, I had either ordered him a giant cookie, found some sort of Oreo Dessert in the grocery store bakery, and twice made him a boxed Oreo Cheesecake, No Bake, I believe. As you can see, they weren't exactly beautiful when I got finished with them! I apparently couldn't even follow the directions right!!! (and...I am still always trying to change everything up...I use applesauce intead of oil or butter in my cakes, and always try to substitute ingredients to make everything as low calorie and low fat as possible!)
Feb. 2006
Feb. 2009

As of his 2010 birthday, I had still only baked successfully once, and once again purchased a store bought dessert for him. Well, come his 15-1/2 birthday...I was baking and it was the perfect excuse to bake for him! (we had never actually celebrated a half birthday until last year)
Because he likes Oreos and Cheesecake and I like Cupcakes...
I used a recipe called "Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes" in the Martha Stewart Cupcake Book for his 15-1/2 birthday dessert in August 2009
These were the Oreo cupcake/cheesecakes right after they came out of the oven.  I have a picture of them before the oven, but it pretty much looked the same. Making the filling using the recipe, burned out my little handmixer, my husband actually finished mixing them by hand....and I am happy to say last year on our Anniversary my hubby got me a beautiful red Kitchen Aid Artisan, which has made life much simpler!
This was the cupcake/cheesecake peeled and turned upside down so you can see the actual Oreo.
This is the cheesecake/cupcake cut in half revealing the yummy Oreo once again!  I did use a fat free cream cheese so that may have changed the texture, I don't know never made them with regular cream cheese! I love eating the stuff as much as making it, so try and make everything as figure friendly as possible!

Now moving on to this year, February 2011...
well, I ended up buying him a 14 flavor cheesecake from...yes...a store, I wasn't about to attempt 14 flavors on my own, but I did bake him some Oreo Cupcakes as well!

Here is what you will need
Oreo Cookies- regular size bag
Mini Oreo Cookies- regular size bag
Favorite cake mix- I used a devils food cake mix
Buttercream frosting- I use Wiltons Buttercream Recipe
Wilton Cookie Icing  (if you wish to personalize the Mini Oreos like I did)

I first lined 24 cupcake wrappers each with a full size Oreo cookie. With the Oreos I had left, I put them in a large zipper bag and took the rolling pin to them...then I mixed the crushed Oreo cookies in my cake batter,  which I had prepared according to regular instructions. I put the batter in the Oreo lined liners and baked as usual. Some cupcakes ended up with bigger chunks of Oreo than others, in the future I may not crush them all at the same time.
While the cupcakes were cooking, I used the Wilton Cookie Icing to write "16" on 24 of the Mini Oreo Cookies so they could begin drying.  I took the rest of the mini Oreos and crushed them, I little coarser this time and these were for the Icing.
I made my usual buttercream icing and thinned it with about tablespoon more of milk than the recipe calls for. Then I hand mixed in the Mini Oreos that I had crushed up. I had hoped to pipe these on with my usual 1M swirl. I couldn't get the Oreos through the tip so just cut off the end of a fresh piping bag and used that. Topped each with a "16" Mini Oreo Cookie. These were really quick and easy to do and tasted great!
My knife wasn't quite sharp enough to cut through the Oreo perfectly, but below is the inside.
I still had plenty of Oreo Icing left, so a couple days later when all the cupcakes were gone, I made a Vegan Chocolate Cupcake. I used the Martha Stewart Vegan Cupcake recipe from her Cupcake book, the recipe only makes about 12 which was the perfect number I needed to finish the Oreo Icing! I use this recipe a lot and really like it, perfect for people with egg allergies too or if you are just out of eggs! Anyway the Cupcakes looked a little plain and I was out of Mini Oreos so I put a Wilton Chocolate Candy Melt upside down on the top. Below is what the bonus Oreo Cupcakes looked like.
So while everything isn't totally beautiful yet, I have come a long way since the beginning in my adventures in baking!

Upcoming New Adventures
In the upcoming week, I plan on baking and decorating Shamrock cookies with my daughter...she always makes the actual cookie part, I hate making and rolling and cutting the dough, too messy! So I just decorate! I may let her do this whole project though. I am really enjoying the Wilton Cookie Icings and I haven't been sharing very well, I should offer her a turn! Our cookies haven't always looked the best, not knowing the right  icing to use. I will show you some of our past cookies one day! We have come a long way in that department too and looking forward to maybe one day looking as good as some of the cookie blogs I follow!
For St. Patricks Day- I am going to be making cupcakes, which I am hoping to turn out cute, although already having to change them up a bit...we dont have candy stores around here! With these I will show you a step by step on homemade fondant...I think, that is the route I plan on going as of may change!
And in the next week or two, I am going make some more of Bakerella's Cake Pops!

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