Monday, March 7, 2011

My first

Okay so I just started baking about a year and a half ago. I had about 15 years earlier and failed terrible until revisiting baking for my daughters birthday in 2009. This time was a hit, well her friends liked them anyway, and thus started my fascination with cupcakes which lead to many other baking ventures. Now, I have tons of pictures of all of my ventures that I would like to share, starting with my very first success from 2009.
Above are my very first cupcakes! 
I made them for my daughters birthday in November of 2009! I found the design on the Pillsbury website which started it all :)
There are so many pictures that I want to share of cupcakes and desserts I have made, but for now I will just post designs from last years cupcakes when the actual holiday occurs this year, right along side this years design :)
BTW--I have never blogged before either, I'm good luck to me...haha!

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