Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wilton Course 3: Gum Paste and Fondant- Lesson 1

It is now time for the final series of classes in the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes- Gum Paste and Fondant! I am excited for the course to begin, yet sad this is the final course. My instructor does teach a "Tall Cakes" class, "Cookie Bouquet" class, and a "Candy Making" class, but I am not planning on taking them until fall. I surely don't want to transport a tall cake in the hundred degree heat!
For the Lesson 1- We will be learning how to make the BOW!
For class we need to bring 24oz ready to use fondant and a package of gum paste. We also need to bring our student kit, roll and cut mat, 20" rolling pin, corsage pins, a box to bring our bow home in, and other items that we already have that were needed in the past courses. You can view a complete list at Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant Student Supplies.
This picture was taken on 6/10/2011 after the bow had some more time to dry
Making the bow is pretty easy with the right tools. First we mixed equal parts gum paste (1/4 package) with fondant (equal to the size of the piece of gumpaste). From there we rolled it out on our mat to between 1/8th and 1/16th inch. The grid on the mat helps you to determine the size. Each loop was 5 inch by 1 inch. We needed 14 loops, ends pinched and glued with gum paste glue, they were set aside to dry, along with 3 different size circles that we cut with the circle cutters in our kit.

While the bow loops were drying we made the shapes of all our flower bases according to the specifications in the Course book. Some we started with the smallest circle cutter and others with the smallest flower cutter. We made bases for our 2 Roses, a Rosebud, Mum, and Carnation. These were all attached to the spaghetti as a stem. They don't look like much now, but soon they will be!
When the flower bases were completed, we went back to the bow and stacked it.  There are supposed to be 6 loops on the bottom on top of the largest circle, then 4 loops on top of the medium circle and then on top place the smallest circle and the fill in the top with the rest of the loops. Once we did a test run with the placement, we glued it together with our gum paste glue.
This picture was taken on 6/10/2011 after the bow had some more time to dry
With the hundred degree heat today and still upper 80s when we got out of class, the bow did get a little wilted on the way home. I had to prop up in all kind of directions to let it dry! Ideally I think this should have dried more before it was assembled!

In Lesson 2- We will be learning all of the flowers- Roses, Rosebud, Carnation, Mum, Daisy, and Calla Lily! We won't have class next week since many schools are having graduations, so each of our classes is a little longer and this course will only consist of 3 classes.
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