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Wilton Course 2: Flowers and Cake Design- Lesson 4

The Final Cake

Tonight we finish up our final cake in Course 2. For class we need to bring our cake already iced with basketweave and border. I did this part the day before class.
Cake prepared for class with Basketweave and Reverse Shell border
I have heard quite a few people complaining that with the heat we are having (heat indices over 100!), that the basketweave is falling right off getting into a hot car after class. I am solving this by having my husband take me and pick me up so the truck is already cooled off and hopefully...avoiding melting! In class we will be putting our flowers on our cake (I have made 129 flowers and don't want to bring them all so I need to get to work on coming up with a design and getting the ones that I will used packed up!)  
The 129 Flowers that I have made during Course 2
We attached our flowers with buttercream in whatever design we wished. Until class I really had no idea how I wanted to decorate my cake. Our instructior explained "Cake Design" and said to first pick out our focal point. I knew already that I wanted one of my White Lilies as a focal point in the center. As soon as the first flower was on my cake, I knew then what I wanted. I continued placing 6 While Lilies in between the petals of the center Lily. At that point, I loved it already and took a picture of it in case I messed it up from here.

122 flowers left. I did debate on putting more on, but I think it would have taken away from the focal point and just been overkill. Once our flowers were placed we could pipe on leaves to fill in the spaces. Again, I wasn't sure if that would add or take away. Thanks to Nina, repeating to me what I had told her last week about a cake she was working on for something else, "Step away from the cake!" I did and I am glad. I like my cake just the way it is!

Everyones cakes totally different and beautiful! The girls in the class have given me permission to share there cakes! I took top pictures of the cakes to best show the flowers and avoid showing the messes on the table! I sure hope I got everyone's names right! Please let me know if I messed up! These are in no particular order, just the order that they sat around me in class.
This is Nina's cake. She knew right off she wanted the Daffodils on her cake. She is really good at making them too! So pretty! She has done some other fabulous cakes outside of class with fondant and is a great decorator. Nina has been in class with me since Course 1 and will be taking Course 3 with me as well.  Thanks Nina for sharing this adventure with me!

This is Dana's cake. I met Dana in Michael's a few days before Course 2, so it was fun to see that we were taking the class together. Everyone loved the color of her Peach Lily. She has seemed to have the knack for making Lilies since the first day we learned them! On the side of this cake are Pink Primroses and basketweave, you can't see it but it was beautiful! I have a lot of flowers left and this would really be a good use for them! Dana is also moving on to Course 3 with us! Yay!

This is Stephanie's cake. Oh I hope I got your name right! Beautiful colors on the lilies! There is basketweave on the side of this cake in green. On this last night of class she was making roses like nobody's business! She had them down in minutes! Stephanie is also going to Course 3 with us!

This is Cynthia's cake. I know she was taking the class to make a cake for her Grandaughter for a big occassion. She always had beautiful icing colors and brought tons of beautiful flowers for this cake and like me just used a few! There was basketweave on the side of this cake, same color as the border. Glad you too are moving on with us!

This is Connie's cake. Calla lilies and Daisies! Show off! Haha! Connie was effected by one of the tornadoes, not herself but someone she knows, and when she went to sign up for Course 2 originally it was full, so she has already almost completed Course 3. Like the rest of us last week she was without electricity, except she was without it a day longer and her Royal Icing went bad. She also had her Lilies from last week break right after class. In a pinch, she made Gumpaste and Fondant Calla Lillies and Daisies she learned in Course 3, making us all look forward to it that much more! She had a basketweave on the side of her beautiful cake as well. Connie has been great to all of us, always having the supplies that we should have brought and forgot, or the extras we didn't even think we would need! I really wish she was taking all of Course 3 with us, but we will see her the final class of Course 3 that she didn't get to take before.

It has really been great getting to go on this learning adventure with other people that aspire to learn to decorate like I do, and to have a wonderful instructor to take the time and teach us. She isn't just any instructor, she pays attention to how we learn. I am a visual learner and she has picked up on that and helps me to learn that way. She takes the time with each of us to help us figure things out. She is even there to help us troubleshoot over the phone! We are all so lucky to have an instructor with a passion like Evangeline! Thank you!

Class isn't over yet....
In our final lesson we also learned the Wilton Rose with the last of our Royal Icing that we made for Lesson 2. This rose was not be able to go on our final cake and with the weather will take 4 or 5 days to dry. Royal Icing can be very tempermental and putting a wet Royal Icing Rose on a Buttercream cake can cause a chemical reaction that equals MELTDOWN!

Our instructor said to always keep that first rose so you can look back and see how far you've come! I do need to practice on these and I will! We put them in our Wave Flower Former to dry. I am not sure I like how that squishes my rose. Anyway these are my roses.

129 Flowers made - 7 used on cake + 6 new roses = 128 Flowers all ready for future projects!

At the end of class our instructor called us out over the store speaker and we walked through the store for all of the customers too look at our cakes! Then back to class for GRADUATION! Just like last course she called our names and we went up and received our certificates. However this time with all of use going to Course 3, even if just for one class, we left with a "See ya next week!"

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