Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wilton Course 3: Gum Paste and Fondant- Lesson 3

The day has finally arrived...the final lesson of the final Wilton Course!
With the 4th of July just being a few days away I have decided on a Patriotic themed cake!
I am using a 6" 2-layer lemon cake, covered in white fondant imprinted with the Wilton Star Power Fondant Imprint Mat. There will be red and blue stars all over it, with a star spray coming out of the top of the cake and pearl dust for shimmer.
Before class, I prepared 6 star sprays, using 20 gauge wire. I cut out 6 medium size stars and 12 small stars from a gum paste and fondant 50/50 blend and carefully slid them onto the wires and put them aside to dry for a few days. I also cut out 16 red and 16 blue medium stars to place on the cake after we cover the cake with fondant in class. That will be a total of 50 stars! Well...that is if they all fit!
I used 2 cake boards, one with a hole in it to support a hard plastic straw that is going up through the center of the cake to support the star spray.
For class we need to bring our cake, already iced, whatever size we wish, and enough fondant to cover it. We will be covering our cake in class and making a ruffle that we can use on our cake if we want.
 So that's it! That's my cake!
My first fondant cake EVER!

The classes have been fun and I have learned a lot from a lovely teacher. Evangeline, just like the star in the sky from The Princess and the Frog, thank you for all that you have taught me. I have made some lasting friendships and will see you gals around! It's late so I won't write a book on each of you this time!

Here is what the rest of the class did:

Connie's Cake
Cynthia's Cake
Dana's Cake
Janet's Cake (Leslie's Mom)
Leslie's Cake (She's only 18! Amazing!)

My Previous Classes

  View the Wilton Website for more class information

PS... There is a Cookie Bouquet Class in stay tuned for that!
PPS...I only ended up using 35 of the stars.

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  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! Seeing how beautiful your cakes are makes me very humbled. Beautiful job! I would really like to take a Wilton class (or several) in the future too.


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