Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank You Trilogy Edibles!

Let's (yesterday by the time you are reading this) was a rough day from the start, but when the mailman was holding a small box, I rushed up the hill to him...okay, I am a huge dork, the secret is out, now you know! I knew it had to be my special cookies from Karen at Trilogy Edibles! I only took a second to take a couple pictures before I began devouring them like Cookie Monster!
I did share these guys with the family though! We all loved them. It was so fun eating cookies made by someone I loved the light shortbread like texture of these cookies! So colorful too!
Thanks Karen for making my day!

Stop by and see lots more super cute stuff at:


  1. All right, I want a cookie shipment!! These are so cute and springy!! What a fun gift!!


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