Monday, January 9, 2012

Blue Flame Cookies

These cookies are a bit trial run of a cookie celebrating the end of the gymnastics season. I wanted these cookies to look a little bit different, have a little more of a shine to them and thought this would be the perfect time to try the Cookie Crazing Cookie Icing Recipe. From even before I began blogging, I adored the amazing looking cookies from Cookie Crazie! This actually is the second time I have tried this recipe. I tried it once before on some Leftover Cookies, which I tried to pipe Easter Eggs on and it didn't turn out well. It was all my fault and my lack of knowledge. It was before I had a clue about outlining, flooding, waiting for colors to dry, and anything related to making cookies. I had icing pouring off the side, colors bleeding into colors, you name it, I was having a problem. I couldn't blame the recipe, I just didn't have a clue on decorating cookies with a flood type of icing.
This picture is before I added the pearl dust
This glaze type icing is easy to make, no mixer, just stirred it together by hand. It is a one consistency icing, outline and flood with the same consistency icing. I outlined the entire cookie, including the design and let them dry about a half hour before I began adding the colors. With each color in it's own section, I really didn't have to wait for one color to dry before moving on to the next, but I would have to wait to brush on the pearl dust and the words I intended to write. At this point I thought the cookies had turned out fine. I could have implemented the design a little better, but it looked okay. I left them overnight to dry. After drying overnight, light spots began to appear, which you can see on the picture before I added the pearl dust. This is a known problem using glaze type icings and I knew this before I started. I blame it on the drastic change in temperature and humidity overnight, since I didn't have this problem with the Leftover Cookies that I had made using this icing when the weather was more consistent and very warm.
  The pearl dust did help to hide some of the splotches, but they are still a little visible.
The icing dries hard enough so that the cookies are stackable, yet the icing isn't as hard as royal icing, which is nice and leaves the entire cookie melt in your mouth soft! This is definitely an icing I will try to use again!

Recipes used for these cookies:


  1. these turned out so nice, great job! You are certainly enjoying cookies! FUN for us to watch that is for sure, keep it coming.

  2. Great job on these!!! What a wonderful treat.

  3. Oooh, I love the way these look! Great job! :)

  4. Nice job, I quite like the taste of glaze icing as well although I don't often use it.

  5. You did a beautiful job with those cookies! It definitely takes talent and a very steady hand!


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