Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowflakes & Snowmen Recap

Winter 2011
Is that it? Really Winter 2011? Technically Winter didn't even start until December 21st and is still going on...but I am just not feeling it. Watch old man winter come late and hang around until June! Today, a jacket isn't even needed! When it was raining a couple days ago and around 60 and sunny yesterday I almost complained, and then I thought, "Hey this really isn't bad for January, this is good weather!" So while adorable little snowmen are still appearing in blogland, mine are here to say good-bye, my mind is springing forward!
Oldest to Newest....Newest to Oldest
Where should I begin?
These were my crown jewel of the season, my absolute favorite!

These were just a fun and yummy cookie with the snowman candies that my daughter loved so much!

This is what happens when I am having a rough day...I find laughter in making snowmen pee!
I am not really a snowman bully...he just had too much eggnog!

Once again, the favorite snowman candies on a favorite quick and easy treat!

This is the traditional Snowman Pop I found popping up on the internet possibly originating from The Farm Girl Recipes, that was as far back as I could find it!

It doesn't get any easier than this and I just thought they were so pretty...and yummy! I really don't like just eating Oreos plain, but dipped, now that is another story. There is a red and green Christmas Tree version of these also on the original post.

This was the first time I used the mini snowman candies. My youngest daughter picked out the snowflake mini cupcake liners and the candies for these cupcakes!

My first cookies of the season!

Just the snowflakes from the collection. These were my first snowflakes, they were my favorite until I made the last snowflake cookies of the season (listed first on this page)!
Some may call this "bark", I just call it "candy", since it was made in a mold. It is another super easy and pretty sweet treat and they were the first snowflakes of the season!


  1. What a fun round up of snowmen. The snowman having an accident just cracked me up!

  2. Looks like you have winter covered with a lot of beautiful treats!

  3. cute cute cute! and they all look so yummy!

    Thanks for linking this up too!

  4. You have made so many beautiful desserts this winter. I love the snowflakes too!

  5. What fun to see all the Winter desserts! I'd like a taste of them all, please!!!


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