Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowman Oreo Pops (2 Ways)

Well, Hello There! I am Mr. Snowman!
Some may call me "leftover" and others may just call me "easy" and there are even those that want to eat me up! But please, go after my brothers first, they won't see you coming!
These little candy snowmen by Wilton were also used on my Mini Snowman Cupcakes and there are still enough of the little guys left for cookies!
These Oreo Snowmen have become such a classic, I couldn't resist making them too!
These are just Oreo Cookies dipped in white Candiquik, a piece of candy corn for the nose, and a black Duff Candy Writer for making the eyes and mouth. My daughter thought they needed scarves because they were too cold!'s a brisk 68 degrees December!

Note: It is hard to say where the Candy Corn Nosed Snowman idea originated from, but after making them I began searching and I found these made back in November 2010 at The Farm Girl Recipes.
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  1. oh my word i love this! I've been looking for something creative to bring to a cookie exchange, and so thankful I found your blog:) these will be fun and quick to make. so thank you!

  2. They're both so pretty. But, seeing as how blue is my favorite color, I gotta say I love those blue ones.


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