Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread Men & Boys

Run, run as fast as you can't catch me...I'm the Gingerbread Man!
Cookie decorating isn't really my thing, I love to eat them and look at them, but I am still practicing on the decorating part. Being fairly new to baking and decorating, I don't have a whole lot of cookie cutters, well I do, but I don't. I have quite a few older plastic cookie cutters, but I have found that I really like working with the metal cookie cutters better. This Christmas season I picked out 5 new cookie cutters and have been working on making cookies with all of them! This Gingerbread Man (the large one) is the 3rd that I have used, after the Snowman Family & Snowflake Cookies.
First when making cookies, you need a recipe. I have a sugar cookie recipe that I love, but not a gingerbread cookie recipe. Have you looked to see how many different Gingerbread Cookie Recipes are on the internet? A ton! I didn't have a problem picking my recipe at all. Instead of going by an ingredient list, the adorable little Gingerbread Heads by Bakerella sold me on this recipe! Visit Bakerella's Gingerbread Cookies for the recipe.
This was my first time making Gingerbread Men from scratch. The dough really didn't look appealing, and molasses stinks, but I continued on. This set of cookies has definitely been a challenge, my kitchen sink faucet quit working right as I went to turn it on the clean the mixer bowl after making this dough. By the time you are reading this I will have a gorgeous new one, but working in the kitchen with no kitchen sink faucet wasn't fun. This recipe does say to refrigerate several hours or overnight, and with how my day was going, I decided overnight would be better.
The next day I used 3 of the 4 refrigerated disks of gingerbread dough and froze the 4th. I rolled, I cut, I baked, and they cooled. I made both Gingerbread Men and Gingerbread Boys. I would have liked women and girls, but neither Michael's nor Target had a cookie cutter for a Gingerbread Lady and I didn't want to try and cut them myself. The cookies are decorated simply as a lot of Gingerbread Men are. They have a nice, yet mild gingerbread flavor, not as strong as store bought gingersnaps. I don't have a lot of experience eating gingerbread cookies, but  I think they taste delicious! I do like the recipe and will definitely use it again!
and then...
The Fox devoured the Gingerbread Man!

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  1. They turned out SO CUTE!! I love them!

    You think molasses stinks? I like it. It reminds me of my Gram's kitchen. :)

  2. so cute, love the mini ones too :)

  3. LOL at MEN and Boy's.. heehee.. These LOOK GOOOD.. I LOVE these.. I'm officially trying them out this weekend with the kid's for santa : )) Looks soo yummy My fav's around Christmas... xoxox.. Happiest of Monday's to ya.. : ))

  4. These are so adorable! You definitely have a knack for decorating! I have a ton of the plastic cookie cutters, and I prefer the metal ones too. I found a Wilton set of three with a gingerbread girl at a Ross store just recently.

  5. they are so cute! they look great too!
    please check out my blog

  6. I love gingerbread! One of my favorite things about the holidays! Happy Tea Day!

  7. I love your cute, little gingerbread men...great job!!

  8. These are so cute! Lovin' them!!!

  9. These are so cute! You did a great job. :) Thanks for sharing on Crazy Sweet Tuesday!

  10. love gingerbread and will try this recipe. They look perfect!
    I'm you newest follower. come visit me!

  11. They are so cute...Love them all
    Thanks a lot for linking with Midweek Fiesta

  12. You did a great job! They came out looking so pretty. Pat

  13. What precious little Gingerbread Men and so perfectly done. I wish that just one could be mine! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. I am wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen

  14. There is very little more charming than a family of gingerbread boys. Yours are absolute perfection!


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