Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pink Princess #26- Be My Cupcake

Be My Cupcake
Happy Valentine's Day!
You slept through Christmas! Just kidding! Why then am I making Valentine's Cupcakes? Well, remember that book I am working my way through, The Pink Princess Cupcakes Book by Barbara Beery? Well, this is #26 of 28 cupcakes that I am making inspired from the book! I have almost finished the book and pickin's are slim! Next week, I will be making the "Birthday Cupcake" and we don't have any upcoming birthdays!
In the book, Barbara uses heart shaped silicone liners and since I don't already have them, I am making my own heart shaped cupcakes. I saw this method somewhere quite awhile ago and figured I would give it a shot! Just ball up little pieces of foil to press in one side of the liner. It kinda bakes up in a heart shape, despite the rounded bottom. My cupcake pans? Would you believe I got 5 of these for just $1 each the Dollar Tree back when I first began baking again in 2009? They sure have seen a lot of cupcakes and I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of them! I do sometimes look at new pans, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
The original cupcake design from the book was frosted pink and white and then outlined in stars with some sprinkles added. I went all out with the stars and covered the cupcake using tip 17. I tried to use the stars to enhance the heart shape of the cupcake a little more.
The Next Pink Princess Cupcake I will be making:
Birthday Cupcake
(although it may be in Christmas colors!)
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  1. They look so good - what a great tip with the tin foil to make the star shape!

  2. My husband made heart-shaped cupcakes with marbles once. (He doesn't usually bake.) His looked more like Pac-Man, and less like hearts. Yours, however, look great! I love how pretty they are.

  3. What a fantastic idea! Your cupcakes are beautiful. Bravo, you!


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