Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pink Princess #28- The Crown Princess (Final)

The Crown Princess
This is it! We have arrived at our destination...the end of the book...the Crown Princess.
I started working my way through the Pink Princess Cupcakes book back on July 5th 2011, with the goal of making one design from the book each week. I have now made all 28 Pink Princess Cupcake designs or at least my version of them. I let the book inspire me and most of mine were quite different. I also made most of them out of order from the book, but this cupcake, the final cupcake, is truly the last design in the book.
On this adventure, I used a lot of these Disney Princess Sprinkles made by Wilton (found at Party City), along with many other sprinkles and candies, lots of frosting, and around 500 cupcakes and liners too!
The final design was quite simple and I tried to stick pretty close to the original. I made it with a strawberry cupcake, pink buttercream icing piped with a 1M tip, pink sugar pearls, gold sprinkles, and crown sprinkles. I couldn't photograph the last set of cupcakes without using the castle background from the Princess Cupcake Kit, that I used so many time in the beginning of this adventure.
So there you have it, my Pink Princess adventure, from beginning to end. At times, I couldn't wait to make the next cupcake in the book, once I made 3 designs in one week! Other times, I thought the end would never come and took 2 weeks off from Pink Princess to give myself a break at Halloween. Today, I almost dropped a tear photographing the final Pink Princess Cupcakes and I am kinda sad that it is over! I have learned so much from this book. I used to think books like this were written to show one how to make something and make it just the same as in the book. On this adventure, I have learned how to be inspired by something without striving to be the same. I have so many new ideas floating around in my head for my own series now, still figuring out the details to that! Anyway, thank you to all that have followed me on this adventure from beginning to end. Thank you to those that have joined me somewhere in the middle. For those that are just seeing this for the first time now, you can view them all at once- Pink Princess Cupcakes. I did enjoy this adventure and I hope you did too! Pink Princess Cupcakes by Barbara Beery is a wonderful book aimed towards children and I do recommend this book for Princesses of all ages. She has written many books like this, which are all on my wishlist, but now it is time that I start a new adventure, my own adventure....
The End
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  1. They're such a beautiful finale! You've done a wonderful job and I admire your diligence to complete the whole book. Congratulations on your achievement.

  2. Wow Foxy this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! You have done a great job and we have all enjoyed this phase of your adventure and I personally have seen some amazing changes here and it has been so much fun to watch.....keep blazing away.

  3. What a beautiful finale. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us.

  4. Awww, how bittersweet. Well, mostly sweet. You have really done a wonderful job with this project. I has been a real treat to follow you.

  5. OMG these are so cute! Would love love love for you to share this at our party going on now Happy holiday! My

  6. Thanks for linking up! These are so adorable!

  7. Wow! Those are adorable. What an amazing goal you set for yourself to bake so many lovely things.

  8. These are not only Yummy looking they are brilliant for a little girl we know! Happy Tea Tuesday, HHL

  9. Those are so adorable!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  10. Great job! These are beautiful cupcakes. I've loved seeing all the ones you've created from this book. Good luck on your own adventure! Thanks for sharing on Crazy Sweet Tuesday!

  11. I love these cupcakes! Pink is my favorite color, so these are perfect for me! :D Thanks for sharing!

  12. These are just amazing! I work for and the coolest part of my job is featuring other folk's work! I'd love to feature your work on our website! Check out my page: - And my email is
    My theme for January is about claiming your creative crown and this tutorial would be so wonderful! All your work is lovely!


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