Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pink Princess #13- Cupcake Pops

Cupcake Pops
This is #13 out of 28 cupcake designs that I am making from the book "Pink Princess Cupcakes" by Barbara Beery. Be sure to check out all of the Pink Princess Cupcakes that I have made! I am almost halfway through the book now! If you haven't bought the book already, please do, her pictures look much better than mine and there are clear step by step directions along with cupcake and frosting recipes from Vanilla and Chocolate, to Fresh Banana and Strawberry Cupcakes! This book is marketed to children and would make a great gift for your little princess!
These cupcakes or pops, whatever you would like to call them, start with mini cupcake. I baked them without a liner since the liner was to be removed anyway. Well, I think this caused them not to rise as nicely. That was my first mistake. For the stick you can use either a craft stick or lollipop stick. I stuck a stick straight through the first one, so be careful with this part! They are not as big as cakepops so it is easy to poke the stick in too far. Insert the stick just like you would a cake pop by first dipping the stick in melting candy first. You still want to stick the stick in as far as you can so the cupcake will stay on.
The book instructions say to freeze the cupcakes before coating with candy, so I didn't, of course! It was a little to soft and the first couple looked pretty rough (those are the white ones).  Off to the freezer for the rest of you little ones! I just left them in there long enough to get hard, less than a half hour. I used Candiquik colored with with Pink Candy Coloring from the Wilton Garden Candy Set.  I spooned the melting candy over them, sprinkling immediately and placed on a rack with waxed paper underneath to set.
That's All, That's It!

Be sure to check out all of the Pink Princess Cupcakes that I have made!
The Next Pink Princess Cupcake that I will be making:
Tiara Princess


  1. Cake pops have always eluded me....... These are cute, way to go!

  2. Those look like a perfect little bite! A real winner for kids.

  3. wow, you are making all the recipes!? that's impressive! (btw-i have found I am not a fan of making cake bites/pops--but they look so great that i keep going back for more!)

  4. I am making them all from designs in the Pink Cupcake book :) These are definately easier than cake pops since you just pour the melted candy over them. Of course the pictures in the book look much better, different sprinkles, supplies etc. I am just using what I have on hand mostly.

  5. How cute! Perfect for a princess :D


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