Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Pink Cake Pops

A couple weeks ago I was one of the lucky winners of a Sweet Treats Goodie Bag Giveaway at Something Swanky sponsored by Boba Jewels and Gifts.
Less than a week after that, I had that feeling you get when you think something special is coming in the mail today...
Sure enough it was Something Special!
These were all the goodies inside! A Sweet Treats Mini Recipe Notebook, 2 Greeting Cards, a baker's dozen of Sweet Treat tags and pop sticks, Cupcake picks with coordinating gift card, and twine. Let me tell you I was excited to get all of these goodies in the mail! It's nice to get something fun in the mail!
I decided to start by making cake pops, something I haven't done it quite a few months. In case you are unfamiliar with making cake pops, visit my Basic Cake Pop Tutorial.
I really liked the simple blue (school colors) cake pops I had made on that tutorial and at that time my youngest daughter wanted here comes the pink ones finally! I tried to make these cake pops as large as I could, so the pink cake pops are bigger than the blue ones.
Cake Pops are a really good use for Cake Gone Bad! The cake I used inside the cake pop was a cake that didn't rise correctly, but otherwise tasted fine. I had made it probably 3 months back and wrapped in foil and then put in a freezer bag and into the freezer. I unwrapped the cake while still frozen and it was very easy to cut the sides off the white cake while frozen. Then I let it continue to thaw. After the cake had thawed I crumbled it and mixed in leftover Appletini Icing instead of canned frosting. (The cake pops tasted better and had a better consistency using homemade frosting vs. canned frosting!)I then continued making the cake pops as in my Basic Cake Pop Tutorial. Another difference was that I spooned the melting candy over the pop instead of dipping it directly, this worked better than my previous method too.
My older daughter tied the twine into a bow onto the pop tag and put them onto the cake pops. A perfect final touch! The tags are available for purchase at Boba Jewels and Gifts Etsy Shop. Check them out, very cute stuff as you can see!

These Cake Pops are shared at:


  1. I hope your safe with the storm. Thank you for linking up at Bacon Time. I will be praying for you and my other friends that are dealing with this hurricane. Living in cali we only have earthquakes to worry about.

  2. These look so fun! (and yummy!) I'll definitely check out your tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So So ADORABLE!! I love the black/white striped twine! Really nice job!! :-}

  4. Cute... and sparkly too... love them!

  5. How cute! Would be great for a baby shower. I have never made cake pops before OR tasted one! I bet they are yummy.

  6. Those look delicious! And they're so cute w/the string and tags!

  7. How fun was that package?? I was giddy with mine :) Your pops turned out fantastic!! Thanks for linking up :)


  8. I love cake pops! I made them for my son's 2nd birthday and they were a hit.

    Your yummy recipe is going to be featured on this week's Sweet Tooth Favorites this Saturday! I hope you'll stop by and grab a button. I've also Stumbled your recipe.

  9. They look wonderful! I'm going to have to learn how to make them as they are so cute!

    I have posted a very pink post for my weekly Pinning & Singing Pinterest linky Party this weekend to honour a very dear friend of mine who passed away just last week from breast cancer. This October's pink ribbon campaign is now even more important and poignant than ever before. I hope you will come visit.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  10. These are sooo adorable!!! I always wanted to learn how to make cake pops- and this is the best presentation I have seen.... a must for my daughter's upcoming 5th birthday! so fun - Cheers! Sarah @


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