Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink Princess Cupcakes #11- Rainbow Princess

Rainbow Princess
This is #11 out of 28 cupcake designs that I am making from the book "Pink Princess Cupcakes" by Barbara Beery. Be sure to check out all of the Pink Princess Cupcakes that I have made!

 I started this cupcake by using the Yellow Cupcake Recipe by Martha Stewart. I knew this recipe would be great for this particular cupcake because it is a very thick batter and the colors wouldn't bleed together while baking. The recipe makes 12 so that is perfect for 2 of each color.
Cupcake Batter--- Cupcake Batter in Liners--- Cream Cheese Frosting
I first divided up the batter equally into 6 bowls and colored it the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, skipping Indigo. I remember learning the order at school by rememebering "Roy G. Biv." That may be all I remember from school!
 Then I put a baby size spoonful of each color into the liners, following the reverse direction on the rainbow with the Violet on the bottom. There is not a lot of each color in each liner so you won't end up with perfect stripes, but that's okay!
While the cupcakes were cooling, I divided up a container of Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting into 6 bowls and colored it the same as I did the batter. This made the perfect amount for the 12 cupcakes.
I sprinkled the top of each color with sanding sugars in the same color as the icing, in the book she had jimmies and different shaped sprinkles, but I just used what I had on hand.
They turned out nice and colorful!
Inside and out!

Be sure to check out all of the Pink Princess Cupcakes that I have made!
The Next Pink Princess Cupcake that I will be making:
Enchanted Crystal Cakes

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  1. something about a rainbow that just makes someone smile! very nice.

  2. My granddaughters would love these! What fun.

  3. We made similar ones once and my daughter loved to help, she still talks about it and when asked in preschool what is her favorite thing to do with mommy it was making rainbow cakes, she is 3, def a hit with the kids. We made ours for st.patty's day and pretended they were pots of gold.

  4. I really love the vibrant colors! What kid wouldn't love these? I know I do. Thanks for sharing on Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  5. these look awfully cute and perfect for any little prince or princess

  6. Looks delish.

    Thanks for sharing with us at
    Simply Delish Saturday

  7. YUM! So Pretty! Cast Party Wednesday starts tonight at 12:00 midnight. I would love it if you came over tomorrow and shared some recipes with us.
    I hope to see you there!

  8. Thanks for sharing it at Cast Party Wednesday. I hope you join me next week for another great party filled with amazing recipes!

  9. where do u get all the dye colors??

  10. Hi Alana, the colors are mostly Wilton colors purchased from Michaels Arts and Craft Store, but I think the Orange is Americolor from a local cake store. The Wilton brand also be purchased directly from from the website.


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