Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twisted Sisters Cupcakes- We Promise

Yes, today I took another visit to the Diva!
I have grown quite fond of that pink cupcake van and my daughter hopes one day that it will take over the Ice Cream Truck that rolls through neighborhoods. Today, I have something new (well kinda) to share with you about these Twisted Sisters'!
It is this cupcake and what it stands for!
This is the "We Promise" cupcake. The We Promise Foundation is a charity from Chartway Federal Credit Union that makes dreams come true for little kids with life-threatening, debilitating, and chronic illnesses. We Promise partners with other foundations, like Make-a-Wish to help even more little kids dreams come true. For 2 weeks, Twisted Sisters Cupcakes is making this limited time cupcake and giving 10% from each cupcake sold to We Promise! I believe this is already the 2nd get yours soon if you are in the area. If not, and you would still like to help, you can visit the We Promise Foundation Website.
Twisted Sisters have done everything in making this cupcake to make any child young or old smile! The cupcake is Vanilla flavored with Vanilla Frosting that reminds me of yummy vanilla bean ice cream!
 It is topped with a butterfly and filled with a rainbow!
Here is another cross section of this colorful cupcake!
This cupcake definitely made my daughter smile and with Twisted Sisters Cupcakes and We Promise, this cupcake will bring smiles to other children as well!
This isn't the first time Twisted Sisters Cupcakes have made a special cupcake for charity. Back in April 2011, I blogged about another limited cupcake from Twisted Sisters Cupcakes, the "Baby Cake" cupcake for the March of Dimes. There may be more that I have missed, if not, I am sure there will be more in the future. These sweet sisters do good things with there cupcakes and you have to love that about them!

Of course, I got more cupcakes from Twisted Sisters Cupcakes today!
From left to right:
COCOA Nut- This coconut flavored cupcake has coconut in the cake, not just coconut flavor! The American Chocolate Buttercream (my personal favorite frosting) is topped with coconut as well!
June Cleaver- Is dressed up for Labor Day with a star on top and red, white, and blue sprinkles. It is a vanilla bean cupcake with Madagascar Vanilla American Buttercream. The frosting has a great vanilla flavor! There truly is a difference in the type of vanilla extract you use...I learned that for myself and I love the Madagascar Vanilla!
We Promise- A Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting filled with rainbows and topped with a butterfly! This was the star of the day, because of what it stands for!
The Highlander- This is a butterscotch cupcake with chopped Heath bar inside, I am not sure if I have ever eaten a Heath bar, but from what I can tell it would be good. Did I notice some pecan? Nope, I just looked up a Heath bar and it has toffee and almonds in it, so those nuts were almonds!The frosting was also butterscotch flavored and there was no question about that...yum!
As usual today we all had different favorites, different people just like different things! Just like cupcakes we are all made different! Today my favorite was the Highlander, maybe because I made a butterscotch cupcake recently myself and that is what my tastebuds are craving at the moment, but I really love the colorfulness of the We Promise Cupcake and what this cupcake stands for! In general, cupcakes make me smile, whether giving or getting :)

To find out more about Twisted Sisters, including where they will be next, visit the Twisted Sisters Cupcakes Website or Twisted Sisters Cupcakes Facebook Page!
I do have to tell you all, they know about me....
(they don't hate me either if that is what you are wondering...not yet!)

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