Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twisted Sisters Cupcakes

Part 3
my pre-baking snack
It has been almost 4 months since I have last hunted down the DIVA! That's the Twisted Sisters Cupcake Van! When I checked there schedule on the Twisted Sisters Facebook Page, I found that they were going to be right in my area at 10am this morning. I had so many baking projects planned for today and what better way to start my day than with a cupcake? Just because I bake cupcakes a few times a week, doesn't mean that I don't want to support fabulous local bakers! This is actually my 3rd time reviewing Twisted Sisters Cupcakes and not really even a review anymore, just sharing these great cupcakes with the world...and they keep getting better!
So what flavors did I choose today?

On the left is Chocolate Oreo- It started with a chocolate cupcake, with little bits of Oreo inside! The frosting was a Creamy Vanilla Swiss Frosting and topped with crushed Oreos. The cupcake was great and the frosting even resembled in flavor that white stuff inside of an Oreo to me!
On the right is...drum roll please...dumdadadum...ChocolateX4- Seriously...Chocolate times 4. The chocolate cupcake had mini chocolate chips all in the cake AND has chocolate mousse inside...AND was topped with Chocolate American Buttercream and some chocolate sprinkles! This cupcake nearly put me over the edge, OH YES! It was THE BEST CUPCAKE I HAVE EVERY HAD!
I was at the first stop of the day and the cupcakes were chilled, they have to start that way if you are going to be traveling around with them in a van all day. They recommended that they sit out about 10 minutes before eating...but I couldn't wait, I cut right into it! YUM! Pure Perfection!
These girls are amazing! They just started delivering cupcakes in October 2010, and where some places start out great and quality goes down, every time I have been to Twisted Sisters Cupcakes...they just keep getting BETTER! Oh, and these cupcakes are BIGGER than the standard cupcake available at most places, not quite a jumbo, but bigger than a standard, so you get more than 2 or 3 bites of heaven! If you are ever in the Hampton Roads Area in Virginia, look them up on the Twisted Sisters Facebook Page or the Twisted Sisters Website, find there location and hunt them down so you can try one of these delicious cupcakes!

You can read about my other visits to Twisted Sisters Cupcakes HERE!
I wonder if they have ever googled themselves and found me blogging about them? They probably think I am a stalker!


  1. You just won the jewelry giveaway on Sweet as Sugar Cookies!!! I'm so glad it's you. Please send me your shipping address so I can get it sent to you as soon as possible. Enjoy!

  2. Oh my, this looks like fun! Wish I could join you there. I am betting that your cuppies are just as good!

  3. Thanks Lisa (Sweet as Sugar Cookies) The smile on my face is stuck! Love that necklace!

    Lisa (Enchanted Oven) I do seriously love following that van! Maybe it is the fun in the hunt...okay there location is on Facebook, but maybe it is the cavewoman coming out in me hunting for

  4. Lisa- you are so sweet. These are the reviews we love to see. Our goal is to make people happy with a little cupcake love. It's nice to be recognized by someone who knows their stuff. If you're ever looking for a job, we are expanding, hit us up. Peace, love, & cupcakes! The Twisted Sisters Bakers :-)

  5. oops, meant Mrs Fox! :-) TSC Bakers

  6. These look so dense, rich, and DELICIOUS!


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