Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink Princess Cupcakes #9- Sunshine Princess

Sunshine Princess
After a little searching and a it is, "Sunshine Princess".
This is #9 of 28 cupcakes that I will be making from the Pink Princess Cupcakes book by Barbara Beery. Like other books of this type, sometimes it is a little hard to find supplies and substitutions have to be made. The sun rays are supposed to be made from Rainbow Twizzlers and between my husband, daughter, and I, we have been to about 10 different stores looking for them over the past month with no luck. I can find them on the internet and I see other people using them, but no one around here has even heard of them. I finally found a decent substition at the Dollar Tree.
They don't taste the greatest in my opinion, but they will have to work.
In the book, they have an orange, red, and yellow sun. I made a red, yellow and green. Yes, a green sun. Then I realized I didn't leave any white frosting for the whites of the eye or to color for the blue part of the eye. I did have the red and black decorating gel tube writers as the book used, so that was about the only thing I had right.
My daughter offered to draw the faces on and after I stuck the sour straws into the cupcakes messing up some of the frosting, I wasn't feeling it anymore, so I took her up on her offer.
She did a lot better than I would have done! Here is a picture along side the book.

Okay I think we are through, for me, probably the hardest cupcake in the book, based on, well I don't know, it was just annoying! I almost didn't even want to blog this cupcake, but I surely didn't want to try this one again. Just another adventure I guess!

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  1. these are so cute! I am sure they were some extra work but your daughter did a great job w/ the faces! Sunny day here!

  2. OK, these just make ME smile!

  3. Those are just adorable. I'm not sure I've ever seen the colored licorice strands.


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