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Pink Princess #24- Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper
This is #24 of 28 different designs I have made that are inspired by the Pink Princess Cupcake Book! Barbara Beery, the author of this book, has been a huge inspiration to me. When I made the commitment to myself to work my way through this book back in July, I thought with a book like this or similar cupcake design books, that I needed to make my cupcake look just the same or as close as possible. As I have progressed through this book, I have learned to let my creativity flow and let the cupcake become me, what is in my heart, not what is in someone elses. I have learned to use this book as inspiration, rather than as a manual. I have also learned to take something that I am not necesarily crazy about and change it to something I love! I do hope that I have in someway inspired you to find your creative side, maybe a part of yourself that you didn't even know existed!
However, I am working my way through the book, so in my for this cupcake "Glass Slipper," I need a shoe cookie and a cupcake. The rest is up to me!
 I got so into the cookie, that I have really made this design all about the cookie, spending more time on the cookies than the cupcakes.
It turned out that I liked the fondant covered Fall Harvest Cookies so much, that I had to do something like that to these too! It is super easy to decorate cookies with fondant and makes for a very clean looking design, nice lines, plus not as time consuming as royal icing. In the Fall Harvest Cookies I had made, I put the fondant on the cookies immediately out of the oven and it melted right to them. There was just one problem, I made the cookies a couple days early and they were cooled. How would I stick fondant to an already cooled cookie? Well, it was easy! I cut the fondant with the same cookie cutter. Then working one cookie at a time, I microwaved the cookie for about 18 seconds on a microwave safe plate. The cookie came out hot enough for the fondant to stick right on! We need to backtrack a second to the bow and the flower....
I made the bow and flower by pressing fondant into these molds. The bow was made with the Wilton Fabric Fondant and Gum Paste Mold and the flower was made with the Wilton Nature Fondant and Gum Paste Mold. I have all 4 of the molds and love them! To start I wasn't really sure how much I would use all of the molds, but in 1 month, I have used them for 3 totally different projects already already. The molds are easy to use, just dust with a bit of cornstarch, press in the fondant, and bend the mold and it pops right out! Now, why we were backtracking... The flowers sit right on the shoes, not a problem, but the bows hang off. The bows need to dry for about 24 hours, depending on humidity, so that they stiffen up and won't droop once they are on the cookies. I would probably say give them 2 days to dry, but I already had the cookies made, so I just waited one day. I stuck the flower and bow onto the shoe with gum paste adhesive, but water would work as well. After the decorations are on the shoe, they need to dry laying down for a couple hours, if you plan on sitting them on top of a cupcake.
I was really close to just making this post all about the cookies, but they were made to sit on top of a cupcake and since I wanted all the focus on the shoe, the cupcakes were quite plainly decorated, just some white frosting and pink sugar pearls. That's not all frosting either, the Cinnamon-Vanilla Cupcakes rose with a large dome like that. I probably couldn't get the same result again if I tried! I want to try making them again before I share that recipe! Besides, this cupcake is more about the decorating than the cupcake part anyway!
Here are the cupcakes!
I am really running out of Pink Princess Cupcake designs to make now, just 4 to go, I think I just may start making my own designs after that! My youngest has been asking for an Aurora Cupcake, from Sleeping Beauty.
The Next Pink Princess Cupcake I will be making:
Cool Peppermint
Be sure to check out all of the Pink Princess Cupcakes that I have made and if you have a little Princess on your holiday shopping list, the Pink Princess Cupcake Book is sure to delight, there is a whole series of these books, not just this one!

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  1. ahhh love love the shoe! so cool it sticks to a hot cookie!

  2. Oh my..These are awesome.. I love them.. You are so creative..The shoes just made my day : )) YUM..

  3. Those molds are neat! I have never seen them before. Love what you did.

  4. these are fantastic! I am getting that bow bows always look so crappy, you just sold me on it.


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