Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pink Princess Cupcakes #22- Pink Snowballs

Pink Snowballs
It has been a little over a week since I have made a Pink Princess and about time! This is #22 of 28 total designs from the Pink Princess Cupcake Book by Barbara Beery that I have recreated. I began this adventure back in July, working my way through the book making every design. Sometimes I try and make them the same as in the book, other times I have put my own spin on them. This is one that there is really no other way than following the book. I didn't want to make 24 cupcakes so I used my trusty Martha Stewart Yellow Cupcake Recipe which makes just 12 cupcakes and cuts in half perfectly! Yes, I only wanted to make 6 of these after all the cake we have had the past couple weeks, the family is more into cake pops right now! Because I was only making 6 cupcakes, I had to cut the meringue topping recipe down to 1/3, which worked out fine since the recipe called for 3 egg whites. So on top of this cupcake is a meringue. It needed to bake 1 to 3 minutes until golden brown at 500 degrees. At 1 minute some of the tops were getting quite golden at the peaks and I didn't want them to burn, so I pulled them out and left the others in for another minute.
When I was taking pictures of the cupcakes, my little Princess was peeking behind! She was so very excited, she loves Princess stuff and couldn't wait to have one of these pink cupcakes! Oops...I realized I forgot to add something to the cupcakes!
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup!
It does seem a little odd, but in the book the cupcakes are drizzled with chocolate syrup, so I did the same. My little Princess was so ready to eat one of these and then she took a bite...YUCK! It wasn't what she was expecting, not having frosting. They tasted fine to me, but aren't as sweet as what you would expect being used to a cupcake with frosting. So my Princess ate an apple, she pretty much only eats fruits and veggies anyway. She is my healthy eater and that is a good thing! I guess we will see what the rest of the family thinks when they arrive home!
The Next Pink Princess Cupcake I will be making:
I am still trying to decide, its a toss up between the Glass Slipper or Kiss Me cupcakes!
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  1. Hi there.. ~ This is so unique and awesome.. I LOVE it.. So creative and looks yummy ;))) I'm stopping in to ask if you could please link and share it at my Pin'Inspirational party happening today please..? - Thanks so much.. Wishing you an amazing start to your weekend.. TY

  2. I'm a big meringue these! Thanks for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday! I'm thrilled to have you join us every week!

  3. i use Martha Stewart Yellow Cupcake Recipe also! I don't believe that there could be anything better. I love the texture of the cakes


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