Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pink Princess #25- Cool Peppermint Cupcakes

Cool Peppermint
Only 3 more designs to go of the 28 designs from the Pink Princess Cupcake Book by Barbara Beery! This one is super easy, pretty straight forward. I did try something new with this one though...a little over a week ago I was making red velvets, for the Twilight Breaking Dawn Cupcakes, and I was using a box mix and didn't want to make 24 cupcakes and I knew that I would be making these cupcakes soon. I have frozen unfrosted baked cupcakes before, but after thawing the liners were falling off as I tried to decorate. It just so happened when I was making the Twilight Cupcakes, that Hoosier Homemade posted about freezing cupcake batter, so that is what I did!
I didn't have any small freezer bags, so I divided the rest of the batter, which should be enough for about 12 cupcakes, into 2 zipper sandwich bags. (I put the bags into a coffee cup to make it easier to pour the batter into) Once the bags were filled, I squeezed out as much air as I could without getting the batter on the zipper part. I then put them side by side flat on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer for a few hours until frozen. Since I wasn't using freezer bags, after the batter in the sandwich bags were frozen, I stacked them, wrapped in foil and then put them together in a larger freezer bag. The day before I was ready to bake, I put the cupcake batter into the refrigerator to thaw. When I was ready to bake, I just snipped off the corner and filled my cupcake liners straight from the sandwich bags. It was very easy to fill the liners this way too! I baked the cold batter as I usually would if I had just made it. The cupcakes rose, and turned out perfect, if not better than the first batch from this batter! For more information and ways to freeze cupcakes visit Hoosier Homemade or The Kitchn.
The cupcakes are topped with red sugar, crushed peppermint candies, a whole peppermint candy, and a red mini M&M glued on with a dab of icing!

The Next Pink Princess Cupcake I will be making:
Be Mine Cupcakes
(Yes, a very early Valentine design...only 3 to go!)
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  1. Those are cute as always with your creations. OMG I have been working on the winners post for BD for the last 8 hours, I never thought I would sort through all the random #s and comments. I must tell you, you were a lucky lady. Happy Sunday.

  2. These are perfect for the holidays! Thanks so much for linking them up at Muffin Monday!

  3. So cute! And thanks for letting us know about freezing cupcake batter. That is perfect, I always end up with too many to share and eat.

  4. Those are gorgeous! I love how red and white they are. Thanks for sharing on Crazy Sweet Tuesday!

  5. So glad you tried freezing the batter! It always works really well for me!
    Beautiful cupcakes too!

  6. Those look amazing!

    Stopping by from Tues Talent Show


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