Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turkey Cake Pops

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble 'em up!
November is here and that means Thanksgiving time!
I have to admit, I am really not that into the traditional Thanksgiving meal, you know the turkey, all the fixings, we don't even like turkey! I don't even like to cook! Baking is my thing and we definitely have our fill of desserts for Thanksgiving! Right now, we are still working on finishing up that huge Black, Red, & White Birthday Cake I made for my daughter's birthday. That is where these turkeys came from! Yep, I squished up some of the chocolate cake, frosting and all, which just happened to be the perfect amount of cake and frosting! You could say these are recycled...or upcycled!
I may not like to eat real turkey for Thanksgiving, but these little guys sure are cuties, aren't they?! Unlike a real turkey...these are fun to make and gobble up too!
Other than making a basic cake pop covered in chocolate, all you need for these are pretzels for the legs, candy corn for beak and feathers, mini M&M's for the eyes, a candy writer to draw the pupils on the eyes, and red fondant for the snood (the flap of skin that hangs over the turkey's beak). I made the basic cake pops first, before decorating. Once they were ready, I lined up 5 candy corn for the feathers, applied a little melted chocolate and laid the cake pop right on top of the feathers to set. While the cake pop was laying on top of the feathers, I applied the eyes, beak, and legs with a drop of the melted chocolate, holding a few seconds until set. I made these cake pops using things I already had in the kitchen, so just improvise if you are missing something!
Here are the little guys playing in the leaves!
Here are some other great Turkey Cake Pops that you may find inspiration from as well, each made a little differently with different supplies, all totally adorable and gobble-able:

    These Turkeys are Gobbling Over at:
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  1. super cute! these are on my to-do list as well!

  2. Somehow you got erased from me following you - AAAG, how does this stuff happen? I am way behind in checking out your wonderfulness! Following you again.

  3. these are awesome! They look so smooth and out of a book! Way to go, mine always look like cake blooops not pops.

  4. Cuties! I agree with you - baking is sooo much more fun!
    Sarah or 'Miss Candiquik'

  5. THIS IS GREAT.. I love it.. soo cute.. Hi chica.. I mentioned you in my thankful post today.. Hope you can stop in and have a peak : )) xoxo.. M ..

  6. These are really cute! I made them last year and they were a big hit. I like the idea you had to use your leftover cake; great idea:)

  7. These are too cute! That's so clever to use candy corn! Also, I don't like turkey for Thanksgiving either - we had spaghetti last year lol :)

  8. How adorable are these cute little turkeys??!! What a work of art!!! I'm visiting from Tea Party Tuesday.

  9. These turkeys are so cute - and I have leftover candy corn. I might have to try these. Found you at Sweetology's Tea Party! So glad I did :)

  10. These are sooooooooooo cute and adorable!
    Very creative

  11. These turned out so cute!! Turkey are some of my favorite to make. Thanks for the link to my blog too.

  12. Featuring your gobblers on Thursday at BT :)


  14. Love 'em! Spotlighting your post on my FB page today.



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