Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Who doesn't love candy corn?
Okay, sure there are people that don't, but I do!
Remember these? My favorite box mix and this cute little cupcake party pack I got from Target?
Today, I am using the candy corn liners and pics from the set! I am showing you this, because I love cute cupcake liners and forgot to take a picture of the bottom of the! I love kits like this pick and liner kit, quick and easy way to make a cute cupcake, especially for parties or when you need to make a lot and there is no time for details.
I had not yet grabbed the candy corn out of the cabinet yet, so followed the color order from the picks and liners, is that the wrong order? I divided the batter in half and colored the first half orange and left the second half as is, since it was about the color of the yellow on the picks. I probably should have added some additional yellow coloring to the pale yellow batter. After the orange was in the liner, I added the filling, and then topped with yellow.
I topped the cupcakes off with Wilton Decorator Icing, a pick, and a few pieces of candy corn. Notice the different order of the candy corn colors on the actual candy corn? Yellow is on the bottom of the candy corn. The candy corn is by Branch's, which is my favorite from what I have tried. The picks, liners, and background paper all have orange on the bottom. Hmmmm?
Whatever the proper order, yummy was the flavor!
So what order is the colors on your candy corn?

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  1. SO cute! My family adores frosted cupcakes...and they would never notice if the stripes were out of order :) I've only gotten the pumpkins this year, but I usually buy Brach's so I think mine would look like yours~

  2. My son has seen these mixes and wanted to try them. Now I.know I have to. They look so yummy and pretty:) thanks for linking up and sharing:)


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