Monday, February 20, 2012

17th Birthday Cookies

I seriously can't believe how time has flown and my baby boy has turned 17 so quickly!
I wanted the cookies to be special and to make something different for him that I haven't made before with a flavor I know he'd love.  I used the The BEST Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe from Created by Diane. The cookie dough cut out, baked up, and kept shape nicely for decorating! It also tasted great and everyone loved them! This is definitely a recipe I will use again!
Happy 17th Birthday Steve!


  1. These are great! Love the color combo and I will have to give pb roll outs a try. My big guy turns 17 in June. Where does the time go?

  2. PB rollouts?! Wow, how great - thanks for the recipe link. These look great.

  3. I'm with Trish, PB rollouts, awesome!!!! Happy birthday Steve!!!

  4. These are great cookies for a 17 year old boy. Really nice job with them.


  5. I love the variation - both the decorating, and the different sizes. It's less like a "batch" of cookies and more like a "collection". :) Hope he had a great birthday!

  6. 17? Wow. I can't imagine! Happy Birthday to him. :)

  7. wow 17, where does the time go? I bet the cookies were a hit, they look great!


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