Friday, February 10, 2012

Wilton Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers- Lesson 1

This week I started Wilton Course 4- Advanced Gum Paste Flowers! It has been over 6 months since I complete the other 3 courses and I was thrilled to hear Wilton was offering this new class!
In the last courses, packing was pretty intense. I would have the Wilton Ultimate Kit, a paper ream size box, plus a cake or whatever we may be working with that class. For this class, it is Gum paste and fondant only, so no need to bring the Ultimate Kit with all the tips and everything. I am just packing everything into a box. For class we needed the Course 4 Kit which has lots of fun new tools. One that I already showed you when I made the 300 tiny flowers for the Princess Castle Cake. We also needed our fondant/gum paste tools, gum glue adhesive, dusting pouch, 9" fondant roller, mat, jewelry pliers, flower drying stand, 4 inch cups, and of course fondant and gum paste. I brought my fondant mat to work on top of also.The flower drying rack is however little fun to tote around. It does come apart and it is 3 tiered. I took the top tier off and packed stuff around it in the box to get it home safe. Other than the instructor I was the only one that had the rack, but since I did I figured I may as well use it!
We worked on 3 things in class. The first is the Blossom in the photo above. Before we started the blossom we had to attach the stamen to the wire with floral tape, which isn't really hard, just time consuming. The flower is made with the same punch I used for the 300 tiny flowers. There is a mat that goes with the punch that we used in class, that I didn't use for the 300 flowers. It makes an impression, but after pushing the stems through and the blossoms dried, I can't really see the impression much anymore.
We also made this Gerbera Daisy! This was the highlight of the night! I did take it off the the 4" cup to photograph, but it isn't totally dry and I didn't want to mess with it too much yet. 2 hours sure does go fast in class, but we did finish up by making our Sweet Pea centers to be used for making the Sweet Pea in another class. Those are the yellow things hanging on the rack in the picture with the blossoms.
That's it, that was my first class! According to the Lesson plan in class 2 we will learn to make Ivy Leaves, Lily Leaves, the Briar Rose, and Stargazer Lily Petals. The last 3 courses were finished by decorating a cake, this course we are making a flower arrangement, corsage, or if we really want to we can make a cake. I haven't decided yet on what I want to do, but I do like the vase with the Stargazer Lilies in the book, so I am leaning towards that right now.

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  1. Just so pretty - I need to sign up for one of these!

  2. how fun! waiting for course 4 to be offered here! :) have a blast!

  3. Your gumpaste flowers look great! Nice work! I made these in school! :)

  4. So gorgeous! I want to take more classes. Yours look great!


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