Sunday, February 5, 2012

Princess Castles & Tiaras Cookies

I have had these cookies baked a few days and I had planned on having these finished sooner. I guess later is better than never! This Girl 12-Cavity Non-Stick Cookie Pan by Wilton was something I just happened to find when gathering supplies for the Princess Castle Cake that I just made. The pan was on clearance for $5 so I couldn't resist it! Instead of cutting out the shapes, the dough is just pressed into the cavities.
The vote is also in, my children all prefer the shiny Icing Recipe from Cookie Crazie vs Royal Icing, so that is what I decided to use for these. I have to admit that I prefer the softer texture, the shine, and the flavor of it myself, but it is different to work with though. I find it is not as easy as royal icing, so royal icing is still my favorite to decorate with.
There are a total of 6 different designs in the pan, see the designs at Girly Cookies!


  1. So pretty! I think I'd like working with a mold instead of having to roll and cut, personally - did you find that it saved you time?

    1. I dont really know if it saved time in the beginning. I think it was quicker once I got the hang of it, but to start it was trial and error getting the right amount of cookie dough into the cavity. Nothing stuck in the pan so it was also very easy to clean up.


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