Thursday, February 2, 2012

300 Flowers and a New Toy!

Usually I share with you a finished project, but today I am sharing a work in progress! This week is my littlest girls birthday and for the cake she wants, I needed to make at least 300 tiny flowers. I usually would use the tiniest Wilton fondant flower cutter like I did with my Love Letters & Hearts Cookies. But, I have this new toy (purple flower punch pictured above) that came in my Wilton Course 4 kit. I start the new Wilton course next week, which just like with the 3 previous courses, I will blog about it each week during the course. Anyway, I had to try the new punch and I am glad that I did! It only took 2 minutes per 25 flowers to punch out! Not nearly as long as I had thought it would!
I like to work on top of waxed paper for little jobs like this, easy clean up! I dusted the surface of the waxed paper using my dusting pouch with equal parts cornstarch and confectioners sugar.  I rolled the fondant out to about 1/8 inch using the pink cheater rings on the Wilton Fondant roller and punched away!
Above is the bottom of the flower, you can see the print in it. However, that didn't much matter, that side won't be seen on the cake.
I used this green fondant tool to press an indention in the top to hold the sugar pearls that I planned to place in the center. I was making good time, I had made the 300 flowers I needed plus extras.
To finish the flowers, I used royal icing in a piping bag fitted with tip 1 to glue on sugar pearls. That part was a little more time consuming, still all of the flowers from start to finish were made in about an hour and a half. Sometime the hardest part of making a cake, is the prep work! Look for the finished cake this weekend!
Also be sure to stop by towards the end of next week when I show you what I learned to make in my first class in Wilton Course 4- Advanced Gumpaste Flowers!


  1. YAAA for your followers and YAAA for your new toy - I LOVE TOYS

  2. I love the picture of them on the baking sheets. They are so pretty!

  3. another birthday yay! I have yet to start on Rowan's cake for this weekend. I need another me, one that's not so sick. I can't wait to see the final product!!!

  4. I love making flowers like that, and the tool is to much help. i found myself buying a few different ones because they are so easy to use. Cannot wait to see the cake.

  5. Wow! That is a lot of flowers!! Can't wait to see the cake. I took the first Wilton class but haven't taken anymore yet. Now I want to!!!


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